GMC Sales Increases for October

As a brand that doesn’t offer a single sedan or car for the drive, GMC has been the brand you turn to when you want a rugged and impressive vehicle to drive that can give you the dynamic ride you’re looking for on the roads and trails in your area. With a full lineup of pickup trucks and a work van to go along with the impressive SUV models that are offered for drive you want, the GMC brand has been one we turn to for what it has to offer, both personally and for fleet company needs.

The sales prove this brand is one that’s still viable and on the rise for the drive needed. During the month of October, the US sales increased for GMC by 4.6 percent to arrive at 44,630 models that were sold. This was comprised of retail sales that totaled 38,434 vehicles and a total of 86.1 percent of the overall numbers. The fleet sales increased to 6,196 models which was the other 13.9 percent of the sales for GMC in October to make up the total of what we saw from this brand for the month in order to be the brand we know and trust.

The Numbers Broken Down

When you take a look at this brand and discuss what the total numbers have come to, there are some models that didn’t contribute to an increase in sales for the GMC brand. So far, for the first ten months of the year, GMC has increased sales by 3.72 percent to a total of 450,264 models in the US. This total was shared among the several models that are offered from this brand with the October sales from each GMC model showing up as follows:

Acadia –This model increased by 5.17 percent to 9,012 models

Canyon –This midsize truck increased by 2.69 percent to 2,860 models

Savana –The work van improved by 142.76 percent to 1,845 models sold

Sierra –As the truck we expect for the work needed the increase was 25.55 percent to 18,895 models sold with retail sales increasing by 23 percent for this truck

Terrain –Here is the first decrease reported which was 20.64 percent to a total of 5,046 models sold

Yukon –The sales for this large SUV decreased 26.76 percent to 4,158 models

Yukon XL –This large model decreased in sales by 18.88 percent to 2,814 models with the improvements that are on the way for some of the models offered and the variety of choices you can make for this rugged and impressive brand, GMC expects to continue to be the brand that we turn to when we know we want a vehicle that has the capabilities and the qualities desired for the drive needed. If you’re looking for an impressive model that will give you the drive you want and get you where you’re looking to go, GMC has what you’re looking for and this increase in sales is proof of a brand that more have chosen in recent months and years.

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