Toyota Entering the Cloud Based Services

The development of Alexa by Amazon has created a system that is voice operated, cloud based, and able to help you stay completely connected and make use of a reminder system or informational system to fit in your lifestyle. One area of connectivity for this useful in house assistant that hasn’t been widely offered yet is in your car. While many automakers offer connectivity options, the inclusion of Alexa in the vehicle hasn’t happened as quickly as you might have thought, even though this system is being used by many different households around the world today.

The most unlikely of brands has recently announced they will begin to offer the connectivity using the Amazon Alexa system later this year.Toyota has made this bold announcement and will begin to offer this new system in the vehicles we drive from this brand to make sure we can have the ride desired and the connectivity we want when we leave home. This could make it much easier for you to have the reminders and information you need along with you on the road as the system is installed in the infotainment system of the Toyota vehicles going forward.

An Interesting Pair

Toyota is one of the only automakers that hasn’t embraced the connectivity benefits of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for the vehicles that we drive. These connectivity offerings aren’t installed in any Toyota model that we drive, but yet this will be the brand that shows up with Amazon Alexa for us to have a cloud based system. The connectivity offered with Alexa will be offered in select Toyota models and Lexus vehicles in the Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 system this year. Both systems are due for the upgrade and this is one you’ll see for these two brands.

We do know a few other automakers that have chosen to embrace the Amazon Alexa system in the vehicles. These other brands that have integrated this capability are BMW, Mini, and Nissan to give owners the chance to have the full connectivity desired for the Alexa system that can make it easier for you to have the pleasure of connectivity in your life. This system is easy to use with a full integration between your home and your vehicle with Alexa performing tasks that include adjusting the thermostat at home, or adding an item to a shopping list.

Toyota will offer a full list of models from the Toyota Camry sedan to the mid-sized Tundra pickup that will receive this service sometime in the near future to allow us to know what models we can buy and have Amazon Alexa help keep us on track and make our lives easier. The purpose of improved technology should be to make our lives better and give us more of what we want to enjoy with connectivity. Alexa is certainly made to allow us to have this benefit and now that it will join the largest automotive brand in the market, it may become more widely integrated.

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