Mirai is the Majority When it Comes to Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Numbers can be made to read and be interpreted nearly any way we want them to be. If someone was to tell you they were able to have a perfect day on the field or in their business but you find out they were extremely limited during their performance, you would understand how numbers can be skewed. A person at the plate is batting a perfect 1.000 when they get a hit the first time up and if they never come to the plate again, this is the number they get to keep. This is why sporting statistics are kept with a minimum number of events taking place to qualify for awards and why you can’t expect other numbers to impress you either. The same is true when it comes to Mirai.

Mirai Leads The Pack

There is one vehicle that makes up a majority of one segment of the automotive market. In fact, this car makes up over eighty percent of one type of vehicle to give us the numbers that can be considered to be impressive in nature, until you see the full quantity offered. The Toyota Mirai is the model that makes up more of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the US than any other with over 3,000 of these cars sold.

Low numbers can Still be Impressive

Now that we know the Mirai is the one that makes up most of the hydrogen fuel cell models in the US, we can see this is a car that offers us an excellent way to drive and its limited to only a few areas of the country because it has to be sold where there are refueling stations for the fuel used for this particular car. Even though the numbers are low, Toyota continues to be committed to the benefits of hydrogen fuel for the drive you’re looking for in an alternative fuel model.

Because of the success experienced by the Mirai, we know that Toyota will offer us more hydrogen models for the future including the Toyota Heavy Duty class 8 truck which is known as Project Portal. Right now we have 31 retail hydrogen stations in California with twelve more scheduled to open later this year. The goal is to build a broader network of these stations around the country to make hydrogen fuel available in more areas. The next targets for these stations are New York and Boston with a partnership that’s been created with Shell to support what these systems will offer.

Even though the impressive numbers equate to a significantly small number of vehicles offered, the first of something has to build from nothing and grow. The Miria is the most impressive fuel cell model offered and could be the future for the automotive industry because these hydrogen vehicles offer similar power, filling time, and range as the gasoline models we currently use on a daily basis. Where will hydrogen power move to for the future? Will we see these vehicles offered across the country? Maybe we will see a hydrogen fuel cell in the Toyota Camry. Only time will tell as the numbers grow for the hydrogen models we look to admire and enjoy.

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