More Leaders of Tesla Depart

If you’re operating a company and are working hard to break into an industry that’s been around for over a century one of the most important aspects of this operation is to be able to have your leadership team stay together to ensure the success of your company and help you enter that market successfully. What you don’t want is to continually see your employees, especially your leadership, move on to other ventures or leave for personal reasons to seek out and take their expertise to other parts of the market that you’re trying to break into.

Unfortunately for Tesla, many of the leaders of this company have moved on over the past several months. Because some of these leaders are deeply ingrainedin the automotive industry, it’seasy to surmise these leaders are going to seek out other jobs in the automotive industry. Add these changes to the fact that Tesla is still facing troubles bringing their production up to the level desired and you’re looking at a company that continues to walk the line between success and failure in a way that would make a gymnast jealous of the balance used.

Recent Departures; What’s the Story

Most recently Susan Repo, the Corporate Treasurer and Vice President of Finance left for another company and Eric Branderiz, the Chief Accounting officer left for personal reasons. These are the two most recent departures that add to the many thathave left since the beginning of the production of the new Model 3. Those that have left during this time include Jon McNeil the head of sales and service who was also leading the charge to bring the Model 3 to those who have ordered them and are finally ready to take delivery of their new Model 3.

What does this mean for Tesla? The Model 3 is expected to be the first model from this brand that’s a mass-production model that can actually offer a number of vehicles on the market that might be able to compete with the other automakers. As the first affordable vehicle from this brand, the Tesla Model 3 is expected to be offered as a vehicle that everyone can drive and enjoy on the roads around the world. The problem is, Tesla has pushed back the date’s time and again with new goals that continue to drop with every step they seem totry and take.

The old saying of “one step forward and two steps back” seems to apply when it comes to the Model 3. Is it possible this team will continue to lose leaders from the group before the Model 3 is every successful or built in the numbers desired? Will it take so long for Tesla to fulfill the pre-orders for this car that the rest of the market will lose interest? There are already at least two other models on the market to choose along with a few that are on the way. These departures certainlydon’t spell success for a brand that’s already having trouble keeping up with demand and stated goals.

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