We Love Special Editions

When it comes to the performance cars we love to drive and enjoy when it’stime for the ride you’re looking for when you head out with an amazing sports model that you’ll want to enjoy for the driving fun you want the Ford Mustang is a car that’s fit that bill for many years. This impressive model is one that has been part of the automotive sports car driving in our country for several decades and we’ve seen a ton of special models that have been built for the drive with different names being used along the way.

One of the names that was last used in 2009 is the Ford Mustang Bullitt. This is a car that is a special version of what Ford wants us to be able to experience when we get behind the wheel of the sporty Mustang. It seems this name will once again be used for the Mustang and be part of the 2018 model year with a debut atthe Detroit Auto Show that will take place starting next week. This car is one that has an interesting history and will certainly bring back some thoughts of nostalgia.

The Bullitt Story

The original use of this name took place fifty years ago when Steve McQueen showed up in a movie that carried the same name. McQueen wasn’t the only star of the movie, Bullitt, the other main start on the screen for this fun and active movie that we enjoyed watching for several years was a Mustang. The specific Ford Mustang used was a Highland Green Mustang GT 390 Fastback. This showed up with a style that was incredible and without equivalent when it was time for McQueen to get behind the wheel and have an amazing ride across the set.

The first time the Ford Mustang Bullitt was offered in 2001 which showed up with the same Highland Green paint that was also used in the 2008 and 2009 models that came out later. The 2018 version should make its way to the stage in Detroit with a similar paint color, a set of five-spoke black wheels with a chrome lip, along with other cosmetic additions that make this a car that will have more of the qualities you’re looking for. Make this car the one you’ll want for a great drive for you to enjoy what you want when it arrives at the different lots around the country.

There isn’t any information shared yet regarding whether or not the new Ford Mustang Bullitt will be offered with any form of a performance upgrade. This may be the one aspect of this new car that Ford has chosen to keep under wraps until the show opens up. This gives us something more to look forward to as the first show of the year takes place and is ready to give us a look at the new special edition of the Ford Mustang to celebrate one of the coolest movies and actors in the history of driving in movies.

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