Bringing Back the Names We Love

When you think of the Lincoln brand you might not think of the ones that have been on the market for the past few years with the confusing alphabet of names that you might know, but if you’re old enough to remember the glory days of the brand, you’ll remember names such as the Continental, Aviator, and Nautilus. These names immediately signified a respected brand and the models we want to enjoy driving on the roads we travel every day, but they’vebeen gone for some time and left us with the question of when we would see them again.

Thankfully, Lincoln has seen the error of their naming ways and has already begun to bring back the names we love. The first to arrive was the Continental which was aptly built to sit at the top of the model lineup from this brand and be a car that could attract and entice those who wanted a large and luxurious sedan for the drive. This amazing model has become one of the most admired names once again on the market andmakes it easier for Lincoln to continue to change back to names we know and love.

What’s Next

The largest SUV in the lineup from Lincoln is scheduled to be revamped over the next couple of years and this allows us to already know the next model to have its name replaced is the MKT. The MKT has been an excellent three-row SUV with the Lincoln qualities that we’ve admired for many years, but the name just doesn’t seem to do the model justice when you’re looking at an SUV that can carry your familyand offer you the luxury qualities you expect to enjoy in a Lincoln model for the drive.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense for there to be a different name for the largest of the Lincoln crossover SUV models? The big brute in the full-size realm is gracedwith Navigator as its name, but MKT sounds like we’re trying to create an acronym that can’t be pronounced. Thankfully, as this SUV is updated and replaced, the name will change to make it the Lincoln Aviator. This new Aviator will be shown off in concept form later this month at the New York Auto Show to give us a look at what it’s going to be for the future of driving.Much like other automakers, Lincoln is focused on bolstering its lineup of crossovers and SUV models in a segment that’s been getting stronger and stronger. So far, Lincoln has released a teaser video which you can find on their Twitter and Facebook pages to take a look at what this new Lincoln Aviator may have in store for you in the future. Next, hopefully, we’ll see more of the Lincoln models change back to names we’ve known and enjoyed in the past to give us what we want, names that we can easily associate with the models attached to them.

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