Learning More About the New Mazda Engine

The Mazda team has captured our attention in a way they have in the past. Without the need for a flashy sports car, an EV model of the future, or a car that can take us where we need to go without use behind the wheel, Mazda has brought us an in-depth look at what the next engine technology that’s been created will offer us. This new technology is called the SkyActiv-X engine which uses more than just a spark ignition that we’ve known for many years but also the benefit of compression ignition.

SkyActiv-X Technology in the New Mazda Engine

As the first company to create a compression ignition in gasoline-powered models, Mazda calls this new SkyActiv-X engine technology Spark-Controlled Compression Ignition which allows you to know that a spark plug is used in some part of the compression and ignition of the fuel and air mixture in this engine. This new Mazda engine can switch seamlessly between compression and spark ignition depending upon what’s needed to make the car operate. Using this combination, Mazda claims the engine will be able to handle the challenges of temperature differences and load needs to make sure the car can get where it needs to go and operate in a manner we’re used to.

In Layman’s Terms

While there are certainly a ton of pages of technical information and data that you can find to talk about what this new engine offers, you’re not going to want to delve into the data that will make your head spin; unless you’re an engineer. This new engine configuration not only uses compression and spark for the ignition, it also uses a split fuel injection system and an in-cylinder pressure sensor to make sure the combustion is stable and the heat is kept in check.
The results of this new Mazda engine are expected to be an increase in every performance category. The 2.0-liter engine provides as much as 30 percent more torque, improved throttle response, and up to a 20 percent improvement in the fuel economy compared to the current 2.0-liter gasoline engine. At lower speeds, this engine can also offer you increased fuel mileage with the ability to run on the super lean fuel and air mixture for the burn. With the promise of the best of both worlds with this new engine, this is the engine that will be included in the 2020 version of the Mazda3.
The video below was released by Mazda at the Tokyo Motor Show in order to give us a side-by-side look and feel to what the new SkyActiv-X engine will be so that you can learn more about how the fuel and air mixture will burn and the qualities that will be used compared to a typical gasoline engine and a typical diesel engine. This new engine could be the right way to bridge the gap between what we have now and the EV technology we expect to take over much of the automotive market in the future.

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