A GMC Pickup Truck that Can Go Anywhere

If you’re searching for a truck that has the ability to handle the ride and go wherever you need to, you’re going to look for the typical off-road capable SUV models and pickup trucks that can be used to get the job done. If the models you see on the market aren’t what you’ll want for the drive, the team at GMC has an answer.  With two new GMC pickup truck models that can give you the drive you’re looking for and the power you need, you’re ready to take on any terrain the world throws at you.

This may be downplaying what GMC has created. They have taken a pair of GMC Sierra 2500HD Denali crew cab models with 4 WD and put them on steroids to be capable snow and mountain vehicles that can get wherever they need to for the active ride and impressive qualities these vehicles offer. These two GMC pickup truck models are called the Sierra All Mountain concepts that give us the ride that could help be rescue models that are easier to have the ride needed to get to remote places out on the mountains and the slopes needed for the ability to help those in need and have a lot of fun on the snow.

The Two Models that Can do it All

The first of the two versions is based on the GMC Sierra 2500HD while the second one is built off the Sierra 2500 HD All Terrain X. Both of these incredible vehicles have been put on top of tank-like tracks from Mattracks to make it possible for these vehicles to blast through the snow and through other areas that are difficult to handle when out in the wild of snow covered mountain areas that will be fun to drive on and perfect for the ride desired to rescue those that are lost in the wilderness.
These two GMC Sierra models were shown off at the Los Angeles motor show and feature body side graphics, wheel well and underbody LED lights, snowboard racks, and other accessories that come from Thule. There are amplifiers in vehicles, dual pod speakers, a RIGID E-Series 30-inch light bar, and a soft roll-up tonneau cover that comes from Advantage. These are some of the most impressive accessories that can make these impressive models easy to have the drive needed out on the snowy areas that can be easy to enjoy.

The Best GMC Pickup Truck Models in the Biz

Whether these GMC pickup truck models are for fun or for work, they are both powered by an incredible GMC 6.6-liter turbodiesel V8 engine that pumps out 445 horsepower and an incredible 910 lb.-ft. of torque. This power is sent to the tracks the trucks ride on through a strong Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission to give you the power on the snow that can get you wherever you want to go. Both of these trucks will be on display in Vail at Vail Resorts Inc. to be a lot of fun and add to the enjoyment of those that spend their winter months on the slopes at this impressive location.

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