Subaru, More for Your Driving Excitement

When you hear that a vehicle is being offered with a price increase, the first thought that comes to your mind is often “what are they adding for this additional cost?” The Subaru BRZ has been an affordable sports coupe that makes driving fun and active on the roads for you while being a vehicle that can be easy for you to pay for and enjoy. For the new 2018 model year, this small and active car is one that is being offered for a slight bump in price with a $100 increase, which isn’t much at all.

Even though the price increase is slight, you do receive a large number of added benefits and qualities to make this the car you want for the drive. You’ll have the benefits of the new Welcome Lighting package, automatic headlight activation when the wipers are turned on, and a one-touch lane changer turn signal. Both the manual and the automatic models are offered with new high-grade leather shift handles as part of the standard package as well. It’s easy to see these items are certainly worth more than the increase in price to make sure you can have the value you’re looking for.

What Else is New for the Subaru BRZ?

If you want to drive this impressive car and you’re looking for some of the added items you can include for this model, the new Performance Package can be added to the Limited trim with the manual transmission. The items that can be added include improved Brembo four-piston calipers and rotors up front with dual-piston versions in the rear of the car, along with SACHS Performance shocks, and 17-inch black aluminum alloy wheels. This gives you a package with the increased performance features you’re looking for when you want to drive.

When you do choose the Limited trim for the drive you’ll have LED fog lights, dual-zone automatic climate controls, Keyless Access with Push Button Starting, Alcantara inserts and leather bolsters in the seats, dual-mode heated seats, a full security system, and an upgraded engine for the drive. This trim also offers you a 4.2-inch LCD multi-function display next to the tachometer to show the performance data that you want if you choose to take this car out on the track and let it show off for you and give you what you’re looking for.

Just because Subaru saw fit to add a small bump in the base price of the BRZ doesn’t mean they didn’t give us more for the drive. This team has added a slew of excellent items to make sure you’re receiving a great deal of value when you want to get out on the road and enjoy what this impressive car can do. Take a look at the new BRZ for the 2018 model year at the nearby Subaru dealership and let this be the car that shows off with the performance you want so that you can enjoy the fun from behind the wheel of an affordable sports car.

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