Chevrolet Camaro: Testing in Preparation


The 2018 version of the Chevrolet Camaro took the world by storm with the ZL1 1LE model took to the track in Nurburgring and ripped off one of the fastest laps ever seen. This car suddenly had captured the attention of the automotive world in a way it never had in the past.

The Chevrolet Camaro has been looked at in the past as an excellent muscle car but not one that could rival the supercars of the world but suddenly it had the lap time that proved this muscle car was here to flex and show off its strength.

In order to follow-up that incredible lap time, the Camaro team at Chevrolet went to work to figure out what they needed to do to improve the lineup and offer us more of what we want in the Camaro. Not everyone can afford to purchase the top level and the fastest Chevrolet Camaro on the market, which has led to the fact that Chevrolet is working on what else they want to add to the lineup as part of the mid-cycle refresh for the 2019 model year. This new version of this muscle car may find its way into the 2019 model year with more of what we want for the drive.

The Camaro Prototype on the Road

The prototype that’s been tested on the roads makes use of the six-speed manual transmission that will be offered on many of the models we see for 2019. The seven-speed manual may show up on some of the higher performance versions but the difference between these two transmissions that require you to row your own gears can be an important one for you. The third transmission we’ll see in the Camaro is the same eight-speed automatic that’ been making the ride great for those that don’t want to do the shifting on their own.

In addition to the retooling and improvements offered for the transmissions we’ll see, the Camaro appears to be the recipient of some extensive front-end improvements and details that will capture our attention. The design should be modern and aggressive to be exactly what we want to see when we look at the car. In the rear, expect to see a new fascia and new taillights that give the Camaro a look that brings it forward to be modern and attractive for the drive.

While we’re not sure if or when this new version of the Chevrolet Camaro will make its debut, the 2019 model will likely be offered at dealers around the country before the end of this calendar year. This muscle car captured the attention of the world and continues to be improved by offering us more of what we want to constantly be a car that we can look to as the one we want to drive and enjoy on the roads or at the track. Look for more information to be offered as we come closer to the date this car makes its way to dealerships around the country.

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