Mazda, Making Fun More Exciting

There are a ton of ways you can have a lot of fun from behind the wheel of a Mazda MX-5 Miata. This is a roadster that is offered as the symbol of fun and the poster child of “zoom zoom” which you can certainly admire and enjoy out on the roads and tracks in your area. This car may not offer a ton of power from under the hood, but it does bring you a great deal of enjoyment to ensure you can have the drive you’ll want when you head out and begin to drive this car.

However you choose to drive the Miata, and in whatever form you choose for it, there isn’t much you can do to it to increase what it offers unless you look for more power. There is one company that spends their time working to increase the fun and active driving qualities of the Miata in order to give us more for the ride wherever we want to go. This is the Colorado-based company of Flyin’ Miata which is a team that loves to create amazing items from the Miata in order to give cars that would be a lot of fun on the track.

Extra Power and Performance

With a thought to take the Miata to a power point that will certainly offer us an incredible amount of power under the hood, this team has previously created a Miata with a BRR turbocharging kit under the hood to increase the power. This version of the Miata was listed as capable of offering around 350 horsepower for this lightweight and small car to rocket around a track with nearly 200 more horsepower under the hood than what it brings in the standard form, but this team isn’t done yet.

Now, the Flyin’ Miata team is looking to make their name come to life by adding a supercharger kit to the one with the BRR turbocharger under the hood. Once they get the tuning right and take it out to the track, this car might be so powerful it could be difficult to control. There’s no doubt a vehicle with this added power will need more items to control the drive with stickier tires, bigger brakes, better steering, and an upgraded suspension stiffness for the drive that can be exciting and a scary at the same time at the track.

Couldn’t you order the items needed to get the job done on your own? Yes, you could order the BRR turbo kit and the Edelbrock supercharger to add them to the car and allow them to give you the powerful drive you want, but you’re going to need to get everything right for the drive. We need to stay tuned to see what Flyin’ Miata has created in order to give us what we want for this car. Will this team offer this car as one we can buy and enjoy with the tuning offered? No word has been shared on this just yet.

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