You’ve Got to Hear the New Mid-Engine Corvette

There’s something special about the sound of a spectacular sports car that you just have to admire. When you see a car that you know is built for power and you expect to hear the roar of the engine, the pop of the exhaust and the guttural noises that sound like the car is being held back on the roads we drive every day. As you listen to the sounds of the new and heavily camouflaged, Chevrolet Corvette with the engine in the middle of the car and the build that won’t be confirmed, you’re going to have a smile cross your face.

We’ve been told the 2020 model year is when to expect the new mid-engine Corvette to show up on the market, and this will likely be the most expensive Corvette we’ve ever seen. Pricing aside, the Corvette is one of the only supercars to never have the engine situated behind the driver and this new model will finally allow that to take place. As you can see, it’s recently been captured out testing on public roads to give us a feeling that this car will show up on stage in the next few months.

The Rumors Continue to Swirl for the new Corvette

The fact that this car is out on the road testing brings us back to the conversation we love to have regarding what this amazing car will have for the power. If the dimensions are any indication, it appears Chevrolet will pack in a large engine under the skin to give us the big power desired. There have been a variety of rumors that span the gamut from the 4.2-liter twin-turbocharged engine to the massive power of the 6.2-liter V8 LT1 engine that could be used as the power needed.

The sounds we hear from the car give us the thought that the transmission being used isn’t a manual one at all. In fact, the sounds let us know the transmission is likely a dual clutch automatic which is in concert with what we’ve been told about the car in the past. One thing we do see in the video is the tires being used. The front uses ZR19s while the rear has ZR20s to give us a fantastic look at a set of sporty tires that are right for the ride we admire.

While the Chevrolet team is still being quiet regarding the new mid-engine Corvette, a rumored $800 million investment has been made in the Bowling Green plant where the Corvette is built. This gives us the idea that we’re going to see two different types of Corvettes in the future, the front-engine models we’ve loved for years, and a new mid-engine form that will be perfect for the track. Now we just have to sit back and wait for the Corvette to be offered as the mid-engine model that we want to drive when it’s time to head out and have a lot of fun.


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