The Ford Patents Have Us Thinking

The Ford Patents Have Us Thinking

While we continue to wait for the Ford Ranger to show up followed by the new Bronco, it seems that Ford isn’t ready to slow down or stop.

Recent announcements that Ford will kill off its sedans and hatchbacks for the future with the only car offering that will remain being the Mustang, you might have taken a step back and wondered if this brand was in trouble, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Is a Baby Bronco Coming to Ford

The Ford team has a few more models in development that we’ll see in the future. Recently, Ford hinted at a smaller off-road vehicle that could be the partner to the Bronco as this brand takes on the likes of Jeep to become the off-road choice that we want to make when it’s time to drive. With that in mind, the names that have been put under patent by a hint at the possibility of offering us more off-road qualities for the future of the drive we want to make when we head out on the road. Let’s take a look at the names that were filed recently.

The Ford Team Looks to Timberline and Maverick for the Future

What do the names Timberline and Maverick sound like to you? Both of these names hint at something that could take place out on the trails and in the wilderness. When you think of them you might picture old western movies or the work boots that wear the brand name of Timberline. Regardless of how you think of these two names, you can certainly understand how they can be quickly associated with off-road and outdoor-ready models that will be offered from Ford, but how will these two names be used?

Maverick Gives you an Imaginative Option

The Maverick is a name that was used by Ford in the 1970s for a compact sedan and coupe model, but it also showed up in other Ford models around the world. Because this brand is moving away from the cars it has produced for a long time, we can expect this name to be used for the new and smaller off-road SUV that’s going to be the partner to the new Bronco starting in 2020. That seems to make perfect sense, but unless Ford is planning three off-road SUVs for the lineup, that leaves us wondering what the Timberline will be when it arrives.

Could You Choose the TImberline Trim on a Ford?

What the Timberline name could be used for is as a new trim level across the lineup of SUVs and pickup trucks that will come from Ford. This means we might see the Ranger Timberline, Bronco Timberline, and even the Edge Timberline in the future. With this name added, the package could be used to make every model an off-road vehicle that’s equipped with the items necessary to have the fun out on the trails and in the wilderness that we want to enjoy. Regardless of how Ford uses the Maverick and Timberline names, they both give us the feeling of excitement for the future of off-road fun from Ford.

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