When a Large SUV is What You Need

In order to continue to be part of the current market, the Ford Expedition has had to make changes over time to be a model that we can admire and enjoy when it’s time to head out on the road for a great drive. The 2018 version of the Expedition shares very little with the previous models to be the SUV that sits at the top of the Ford range while using surprising items for the ride that you’ll want to enjoy on the roads and trails that you’ll travel on.
Not long ago, the Ford F-150 was built with an aluminum body to offer a new material use and give us a lighter weight in the pickup truck we trust for the drive on a daily basis. This left those of us who want to drive an SUV waiting for the time that Ford would make the same changes to this lineup. The Expedition now answers that request and has been built lighter to make it more capable and more efficient than it’s been in the past to ensure you can have a full-size SUV that provides you with midsize fuel mileage.

Taking the Expedition Out for a Drive

Everything about the Expedition has been changed, but you still have the familiarity of two wheelbase to choose from in order to have the size you want. If you want the longer model, it wears the name of Expedition Max to differentiate itself from the standard length. Take this beauty out on the road and you’ll have a model that feels lighter and more agile than it did in the past. While the Expedition still has the size you admire, it won’t feel as bulky in the steering wheel and the use of the powertrain under the hood makes it feel more luxurious as well.

One way the Expedition makes it easier for you to have the drive you want is with the independent rear suspension, which is one item that did carry over from the previous build. This smooths out the bumps, handles the ride, and makes this vehicle feel better on the road to make it the right choice for a long drive. The weight savings takes away 300 pounds from the massive weight of the vehicle, which allows the suspension to be more active and impressive during your drive.

If you have a large family or enjoy big adventure, you want to take a look at the new version of the Ford Expedition to see if it’s the right choice for you. Visit your nearby Ford dealer and check out the different trim levels, and the amazing power that comes from a V6 engine under the hood. This is an SUV that still has the ability to pull a large boat or trailer and can make everyone that rides with you comfortable when you head out for a great weekend at one of your favorite destinations in your area.

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