A Car We’ll Surely Admire: The Aston Martin Valkyrie

One of the most admired brands on the market in Europe is Aston Martin. This is the brand that has shown itself as the automaker that can be trusted to be the brand that has developed a ton of great models for the James Bond movies we love to watch. This brand continues its perfection and excellent in many ways with models that include the new Valkyrie hypercar that has certainly captured our imagination for the drive. In order to continue the excellence and performance we want, Aston Martin has turned to one of its partners.

Over the past several years, Aston Martin has partnered with Red Bull Racing and the F1 team to create performance models that are able to show off at the tracks around the world that we admire and enjoy most. The team at Aston Martin has turned to this team to gain some ground and some impressive qualities including the aerodynamics for a new model that have been influenced and penned by the Red Bull team to be similar to what we’ve seen from the excellent hypercar already taking the world by storm and showing off for those who can afford it.

The new mid-engine model

While the new Valkyrie is the most extreme model offered on the market form Aston Martin and this new mid-engine car will be one that offers you the ride that’s closer to a core vehicle that can handle the drive and the ride on the road. The Valkyrie is a car that only can be driven on the track while this new model that will be created is able to be one that will offer us a dynamic drive and quality that will be perfect out on the road and on the tracks that you find around the world.

With the aerodynamics taken care of, Aston Martin has the work of finding the powertrain for this new mid-engine model that will be right for the drive and offer the insane performance we expect from this brand name. Right now the team says they don’t have an engine that’s capable of giving them the power needed to get the job done on the track or on the road. This may mean that Aston turns to the assistance of AMG to help find the right answer for what they want to accomplish in this new supercar.

As we watch with bated breath for this new mid-engine model to be created and built, there are several new Aston Martin models that will be offered on the market before this car shows up. The Vantage and Vanquish will be replaced in the near future and there is expected to be a crossover SUV that shows up as well to give us the DBX that we’ve been anticipating. Aston Martin is certainly carrying on with its goal and firm belief in building some of the most impressive and engaging cars that have ever made their way to the roads for us to admire and desire and for the select few that can afford them, to drive.


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