The Toughness of the New Ram 1500

The 2019 model year will usher in a new era for trucks with a complete redesign to the Ram 1500 that can become the right truck for you to have the drive you’re looking for. This truck has been rebuilt to be offered with a new look and 225 pounds lighter than in the past. The old cross-hair grill is gone in favor of a tougher look up front that will give us a new Ram logo in the grill area to make sure you have the view you want to enjoy on the road.
The weight loss for the Ram 1500 is a result of aluminum being used in the tailgate, engine mounts, steering system and much more. The payload for this truck has been increased to make sure it’s more capable than ever. The payload has been increased to 2,300 pounds with a tow rating of 12,750 pounds to make sure you can have the capability you want. There are two engines to choose from, both of which will make use of the new torque-boosting eTorque mild hybrid system to give you more power where you need it for the drive.

The New Ram Gets the Job Done

When you have a job to do you know you can turn to the Ram 1500 to get it done. Let the loader drop a full scoop of dirt or mulch in the bed and take the truck home to add some landscaping to your yard. Hitch up a boat and take it to the lake for the weekend. Get inside the cab and be completely amazed by the large infotainment screen which is a full twelve inches in size to make it possible for you to have the information and engaging look you want to enjoy.

One way the new Ram 1500 offers you the added and increased capabilities you’re going to enjoy is with the new frame which is composed of 98 percent high strength steel that enhances the rigidity of the truck and reduces the weight of the vehicle by 100 pounds. You’re going to see a new front air dam and active grill shutters up front to go along with the lighter build to give you a truck with less drag than in the past to make it easier for you to have a great drive when you take to the road.

When this truck arrives at the dealership lots around the country you’re going to be able to choose a panoramic sunroof and several other great options that can make you even more comfortable when you drive. The Ram 1500 is now one of the most comfortable, capable, and attractive trucks on the road and it can easily become the one you turn to for the features and the active drive you’re looking for. This is a truck that’s been moved back to Detroit for production to allow you proudly know this is an American truck that’s built in the city you trust to give you the power and dependability of a Ram.

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