Ferrari GTC4Lusso: Driving an Oddity

If you were given the chance to drive a Ferrari, you’d probably jump at the chance and be giddy with delight before you sat behind the wheel. If the car you were presented with is the GTC4Lusso, you probably wouldn’t care, as long as it’s a Ferrari, but this is one of the most divisive models offered from this brand. This is a four-seat AWD grand touring model that piques our curiosity with its tameness and qualities that you can certainly enjoy and experience on the roads in your area to show off a car that’s impressive and comfortable.

Under the Hood

While the GTC4Lusso isn’t the fastest or the most dramatic model built by Ferrari it does give you the ability to drive fast when you want to. This car is powered by a 6.3-liter V12 engine that produces 680 horsepower and 514 lb.-ft. of torque. This may not seem like a tame way to begin, but it is a smooth riding car as a result of the attached seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. This car can reach sixty mph in 3.4 seconds and offers you a top speed of as much as 208 mph when you take it to the track.

Smooth Acceleration

You might expect a powerful sports car to offer you the drive you need and to make sure you can have the head snapping feeling when you get in and press the accelerator, but this car is smooth in its ride and acceleration. This is a car that offers you the balance and feeling that can make a huge difference on the track to allow you to have the impressive drive you’re looking for when you take it out on the road and make this the car that can be the one you want to show off around your area.

Quiet Comfort and Design

This car has a smooth, comfortable and quiet cabin for you and three others to have the experience you want on the road and enjoy the drive wherever you’re going to go. This car shows off with the seats that are designed right and make it possible for you to have the controls and the features that make it easy for you to have the drive and the feeling you want when it’s time for you to get in and take a cruise out on the country roads where you’ll enjoy the ride you’ve been searching for.

Four-Wheel Steering

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso doesn’t just offer you AWD, but it also has a setup with two transmissions to make sure it can offer you steering that can cut the corners better and ensure you have the ride you need wherever you go on the roads in your area. With this feature, this car can cut a corner in a quick way and make a U-turn faster and with less of an arc than most other cars, which makes this a car that’s a lot of fun to drive on the roads and at the track.

Start/Stop Needs Improvement

The purpose of an engine start/stop system is to help offer you better overall fuel mileage when you head out on the roads that you drive. This car gives you one that works, but it’s a bit harsher than you want to have in a car that wears the prancing horse badge. If this is the only complaint offered about this car, it’s certainly a car you’ll want to drive, just know it’s not going to be the best choice for a daily commute in start and stop traffic.

Are You Looking for a Tuned Down Ferrari?

Most of the time you think of a Ferrari as the super-fast sports car brand that offers you a racing pedigree that can be a lot of fun for you on the tracks in your area. This version is one that’s made for driving on the roads in your area with comfort and quality that you’ll love, but it’s not the most aggressive version that Ferrari has ever created. This is something you need to think about when you drive the GTC4Lusso. On the positive side if things, you’ll be able to drive this car on the highways for a long road trip that you’ll love to enjoy.

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