Finding Fun in a Mired Car

The news has been rampant that Tesla continues to be the brand that has trouble filling and meeting production needs and goals. When the Model 3 was first shown by Elon Musk and the world rushed to the computers to place the $1,000 reserve for this car, the promise was that we would see this car and be able to drive it in 2017. While the car did show up in the latter half of the 2017 calendar year, it’s a far cry from being a success considering the production delays associated with this new small EV sedan.

Even though Tesla faces huge delays and has trouble getting the production ramped up to the point of being able to offer us this little car on the road in the numbers we desire, some people do have them already. Those lucky few are able to enjoy the impressive range offered by this car and understand why this is an excellent EV to own and enjoy on the road. Thankfully, at least one person was willing to take their Model 3 to the track and let us see what it can do.

The Video of the Model 3 is All You Need

Below is a video of the Tesla Model 3 on a dragstrip showing off what it can do and how it can perform at the track. Thankfully, YouTuber JR Garage took his Tesla Model 3 to Cecil County Dragway to show off what it can do and how fast it can reach the quarter-mile. This car was able to reach this distance in a time of 13.3 seconds and made it to 104 mph. This particular Model 3 is the long-range version, which is one of the early models because the standard models haven’t even made it into production yet.

While this time and speed aren’t anywhere near what the Tesla Model S P100D can offer with its quarter-mile time of 10.7 seconds, but it’s certainly impressive. The Model 3 can also reach the sixty mph mark in the mid-four-second range to offer a quick time to highway speeds. This makes the Model 3 the fastest of all the EV models in this class with 271 horsepower and 307 lb.-ft. of torque from the electric engines. This is a car that certainly will be fun to drive and offer us the features we want when it finally arrives.

What does this mean for those still on the Model 3 list? With an initial list of over 400,000 people who wanted the Model 3 and put their $1,000 deposit down for this car, the quick drive and look of the Model 3 may still keep most of the list interested. Considering this car can outpace the Honda Civic Type R and be in a race with the Ford Focus RS, the Model 3, if production can ramp up, will be a car that we admire when it’s finally offered to more than the reservation list.


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