Adding More for You at the Lower Levels of the Mazda3

Thanks to the fresh efforts of Mazda, there’s a little more in store for drivers inside of the new Mazda3, even at the base model selection.
When you look to Mazda as the brand you want to choose for the drive you’re typically thinking about an affordable model that offers you excellent efficiency and a dynamic driving performance to make sure you can enjoy the ride. The Mazda lineup brings you a variety of models that are excellent for you to enjoy on the road when you’re looking for the right way to enjoy the drive, but the 2018 model year shows us an improved lineup of vehicles that can give you more of what you want for the driving experience you’re looking for.

The Mazda3 is considered the most affordable model from this brand and at the price you pay you might not expect much to be offered at all. This car is one that brings you the benefit of the SkyActiv technology under the hood and provides you with the driving dynamics you know and love from Mazda. As you take a look at this affordable and easy to drive car you may think that you won’t have many features to give you the ride you want with this excellent compact car which will be fun to drive, but that’s not the case with the Mazda3.
The Mazda3 offers us an improved list of items to make sure you can have the drive you’re looking for on the road. On every trim level this car now has more standard equipment which includes the low-speed automatic emergency braking which will start at the Sport trim. This additional feature will be offered on every trim of this car in order to make sure the car will stop when you might not be paying close attention to the road and the drive that’s going on around you.
You can have a manual transmission model of the Mazda3 at the Sport trim and have some fun shifting gears yourself. You can also have the benefit of a 2-5-liter engine with 184 horsepower in the Touring trim and the 2.0-liter engine in the Sport trim. The Grand Touring model adds self-leveling LED lights up front and LED taillights in the rear along with running lights that use an entire bank of LED bulbs. With these excellent changes to the Mazda3 you’re going to have an amazing way to have the drive you want and enjoy the performance offered by this new version of the Mazda3.
If you’re concerned about the changes in price when it comes to the Mazda3; don’t be. The Sport is only increased $250 for the additions offered, the Touring drops in price by $355 for the sedan and $1,555 for the hatchback and the Grand Touring model for 2018 remains the same. This means you’ll have the addition of these quality features as standard fare, especially the low-speed automatic emergency braking, at a price that’s not much different from what you had to pay in the past. This is a car you need to take a look at and consider for the driving you’re looking for on the roads in your area.

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