The Honda Civic is Seriously Fast

While the basic version of the Honda Civic might not be a car you would consider fast, when you move up the lineup to the Type R model, you’ve found some speed that can’t be denied.
This car is one that has become a unique hot hatch for us to enjoy the drive on the road and take to the track on the weekends. We already know this car to be a fast car to drive, but Honda is out to prove just how fast it can be with a tour.

The Honda Civic Type R is Hitting the Tracks

The first, and most famous, track the Honda Civic Type R proved its worth was the Nurburgring Nordschleife. At this track, this car proved its the fastest FWD production car on the market with the amazing 305 horsepower that comes out of the small engine to give us the fun and active drive we love to admire. Once it completed the job in Germany, this car was able to take make its way to several other tracks to set records and has begun a world tour to take on different tracks an set the record for the FWD production class.
Next on the list was the Magny Cours in France and this was another cakewalk for the Honda Civic Type R. Once this track was checked off the list, the team was ready to take the Civic to Belgium to take on the Spa Francorchamps. This car has been driven by the Honda Super GT driver Bertrand Baguette, who has been able to make this car sing and dance around the tracks of the world to make it one of the fastest cars you’ll be able to witness and certainly the fastest FWD production model.

Check Out the Speed at Spa Francorchamps

During the drive that Baguette showed off at this race track, he was able to set another track record for this class of car which was 2 minutes and 53.72 seconds. The track isn’t your typical race circuit at all. It spans 4.3 miles with a long and fast straight area and a number of high-speed corners that have to be taken precisely in order to complete the loop at the speed desired. The lightweight build and 2.0-liter turbocharged engine had no trouble at all getting the job done and completing the course.
Going up the steep hill of the Eau Rouge section and powering down the Kemmel Straight were smooth and seemingly easy for this car with the expert driver behind the wheel. Baguette himself says the car is balanced and offers the feedback desired through the steering wheel. This allowed this expert to take the track and set records that will be hard to match in the future. You can take a look at the run that set a new record at this track when you check out the video below and enjoy the fun that is part of the world tour of the Honda Civic Type R.

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