A Different Type of Honda Anniversary Celebration

Honda is celebrating 25 years with a couple of cool new toys for you to enjoy. Here’s the catch, you can only drive one of them. The other one you just need to see for yourself.
Nearly every automaker we know of loves to celebrate an anniversary that marks the passing of a specific amount of time. Typically these celebrations offer us a specialized model of one of the most famous or impressive vehicles that we want to drive and enjoy out on the road but one particular brand has chosen a different path to the celebration they offer with something that’s not quite the car, truck or SUV that you want to drive. In fact, the special offering that we get to see from this brand isn’t even a vehicle that you can ride in or on at all.

Building More Than Cars

Over the years, the Honda brand has made much more than what we typically think of in the automotive world. This name has been on some of our favorite motorcycles and even lawnmowers. Honda has its hands in a many different parts of the world, giving us the technology and the items we want to have in order to make our lives better on a daily basis. With that in mind, the Honda brand has been able to bring us something new and impressive for the celebration we can admire and enjoy.

The Anniversary Celebration

This year, Honda has two models are being celebrated and both have been around for 25 years. The Fireblade motorcycle and the Civic Type R have both been prowling the roads around the world for the past quarter of a century as models that provide high-end performance for the drive. In order to celebrate this accomplishment there is a new Honda lawnmower that is robotically controlled to give us an impressive look and feel that we’ll admire as it drives around cutting the grass in our yards.
There is a model of the new Miimo, which is what the robotic lawnmower is being called, shows off the same signature styling that makes up the Fireblade and the Type R. The Miimo is not only made to resemble and have some of the style offered of the Type R, but it also wears a rear spoiler to give it a polished and sporty look. The Miimo that resembles the Type R is one that is finished in the Championship White paint while wearing a contrasting red badge to give it the look you’ve been searching for that is one of the most popular looks you’ll see.

Is this the Right Celebration

While other brands might offer you a special model of the Type R or Fireblade, Honda offers a robotic lawnmower. This could be the right accessory for your garage that looks like it belongs alongside your car. As an inexpensive way to celebrate the 25 years these two models have been on the market, you’re going to want to have one of these Miimo lawnmowers of your own. Take a look at the video below and learn more about what this new mower is and how it can fit into your lifestyle with ease.

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