Check Out What You’ll Find in this Game

Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most impressive and played video games in the world and it has versions that are on many of the different gaming platforms as well as an online presence. It’s a game that you might not allow your younger children to play, and certainly will think twice with teenagers, but as adult gamers, it can be the fun game that puts you in a world of fantasy and fun that you wouldn’t experience during daily life that takes you from home to work on a daily basis.

Whether you love to play this game or not, the newest update for the online platform is called the Doomsday Heist which is available for the GTA online game. Once you load up this new game update you’re going to see a car that’s been inspired by something we’ve looked at and admired for many years. In fact, the new list of cars in the game will give you or your parents a look back at cars that have been in some classic situations and classic movies that we’ve loved to watch over and over again.

Which Cars are Inspired in the Game?

One of the cars you’ll see, and can see in the trailer for the game below, is a vehicle that lifts off from the road and flies. This car looks extremely similar to the DeLorean that we’ve seen in the three Back the Future movies and once it folds the wheels to take off you’re going to swear that’s exactly what it is. This flying car in the game is called the Imponte Deluxo but you will think of Doc Brown and Marty McFly when you see how it looks and takes off from the ground.

Another car you’ll witness in the game that may be a reference that’s farther back than some that play the game want to admit, is a car that drives underwater and is weaponized. That car should remind you, or your parents, of the Lotus Esprit that was a star in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. In this movie, Bond drove the car underwater and fired off weapons from it, making it one of the most iconic movie cars to ever make its way to the silver screen, even though it was only used in one film.

The Doomsday Heist also offers new clothing and personal customization options that can be enjoyed as a free upgrade and not part of a DLC. Who would have thought that Grand Theft Auto, which has been mired as a raunchy game, could be one that might bring a family together with some of the classic vehicles that are offered for us to admire and enjoy when we play the game. If you love to play this came on your computer, download this upgrade and have some fun with the older model cars that are part of the action.


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