The Hyundai CRADLE Continues to Develop

At the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, Hyundai announced the development of their new initiative to enhance transportation and technology innovations in the products that are developed by this brand. The goal of the new initiative called CRADLE was to bring more of the future to the market and meet several goals for the future of the Hyundai brand as mobility becomes the word used to describe how we get around on a regular basis much more than just driving, which can’t be experienced by several segments of the market including the elderly, and disabled.

Recently, Hyundai announced their plans to build an Open Innovation Center in Israel which would be a center that is used to develop much of the technology offered for the future of driving. This center is to be part of the Strategy & Technology Division which was launched last February to develop the future technologies including mobility services, smart cities, Artificial Intelligence, advanced materials, eco-friendly energy, robotics, and new platforms for the brand. This certainly is an impressive and important expansion for Hyundai as they put their goals of CRADLE in place and work toward the near and distant future of what we’ll experience to get where we need to go.

What Hyundai CRADLE is All About

If you understand what Hyundai has put in place for CRADLE and what they expect to get out of it, you can see the movement forward is exactly what Hyundai has in mind. This program is built to operate with three primary functions which are, strategic venture capital, open collaboration with the startup community, and early-stage new concept development. The new Open Innovation Center can certainly help make this possible and put the development in a location that we don’t often think about when it’s time to build and develop vehicles.
The five major themes of what Hyundai wants to get out of CRADLE for the future were shared at the 2017 CES at which the Hyundai team stated the would look internally and externally for the innovation and ways to enter new markets and technologies. These five themes include robotic and intelligent systems, eco-friendly technologies, mobility services, materials, and manufacturing technology, and new vehicle concepts. It sounds like this new Open Innovation Center has been built and placed to meet all of these five themes that will be part of the future of Hyundai.

The Future of Mobility

There’s no doubt that Hyundai is on the cusp of the future of mobility and part of what we’ll see and enjoy when it comes to new technologies and innovations that will help us enjoy getting where we need to. As mobility becomes the word used more often to describe getting where you need to go, those who have been without the ability to drive where they need to go on a regular basis will be able to get where they want to with mobility services that can be enjoyed. We can be excited by what Hyundai has to offer for the future as CRADLE becomes a reality.

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