Putting the Rumors to Bed

Do Chevrolet and Dodge have reason to worry about new rumors concerning the next Ford Shelby Mustang? Let’s discuss.
There have been some rumors swirling about the next Shelby Mustang, stating it would have a massive engine that would come in at as much as 7.0-liter and be a V8 model. While that would have been more acceptable twenty or thirty years ago, the investment and time that Ford and Shelby have put in toward the development of forced induction make it possible for this car to have an engine that’s smaller while still bringing in the power desired to have the most exciting and impressive sports car version of the Mustang in production.

What we do know, after recent photos have been revealed, is the fact the new Shelby Mustang will make use of the 5.2-liter displacement in its V8 engine to give us a strong horsepower number for the drive. We currently have the GT 350 with this engine in a flat-plane layout to give us 526 horsepower, but adding supercharging to the mix brings in the potential of as much as 700 horsepower or more. Just thinking of this number means we can certainly get excited about what Ford and Shelby have in mind for what we want to experience on the track.

More of What We Want

We’ve also seen a look at the engine oil requirements for the 2020 lineup of engines that will be offered, which is all we need to confirm the fact that we will see the GT 350 and GT 500 being offered together in the market for the first time. It seems the Ford team has succumbed to the pressure that has come from the Dodge Challenger Demon and the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE and the need to be able to keep up. With the new GT 500 model, we see a great way for Ford to keep the Mustang relevant in this class.
Of course, you can’t have massive power under the hood without the ability to slow down or stop the car the way it needs to be. The new GT 500 will wear a specially crafted set of Brembo brakes and a set of slotted rotors to make sure this car can stop much easier than it could in the past. This means the new GT 500 will be a Mustang that can tear up the track and just might be able to set new records in this class at Nurburgring.
Hopefully, we’ll see what this new Mustang creation will be when it comes time for the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in the upcoming January timeframe. This would certainly be one of the most impressive and important models offered of the Mustang when it’s time to get out on the track and perform. We can look forward to the unveiling of what this car offers with the hope that we’re going to see a new track record set in this class when it’s taken to Germany to perform. If you’re looking for a new Cobra Mustang to be the one you want to have a lot of fun with, this could be the model you’ve been waiting for.

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