Radar Improves Your Towing in the New Ford Ranger

Radar Improves Your Towing in the New Ford Ranger

If you’ve been looking forward to the time when the new Ford Ranger will arrive on the market, the wait is almost over.

This midsize pickup truck will soon be offered on the market once again as a truck that we can trust and make use of for just about everything that needs to be accomplished. Now that it’s making a return to the lineup of vehicles that we love from the Blue Oval brand, it’s going to bring us more of the features we’re looking for so that we can have an amazing drive.

Covering the Trailer

Too often the blind spot monitoring system offered in a vehicle isn’t meant to help with the trailer that could be towed. This can become a serious problem when you’re using an SUV to tow a boat or trailer to your destination. Thankfully, Ford has created the new Blind Spot Information System which offers you the benefits of trailer coverage as well. This system will be part of the package offered in the Ford Ranger lineup to make it possible for you to have the view you need when you pull a trailer behind the truck.

The use of radar that’s housed in the taillights of the Ranger monitors the blind spots to the back of the trailer. You can input the length of the trailer into the system when you get behind the wheel and then know you have the extended range view you need for the sides of the vehicle when you drive. With this system in place, you’re going to know when a vehicle is next to the truck or the trailer and avoid moving into the lane where you could end up in an accident that could have been avoided.

Advancing the Drive of the Ford Ranger

While we wait for the new Ford Ranger to arrive on the market and become the truck that we want to drive, we can discuss the different qualities this truck will bring. Ford has seen the success of the other midsize truck on the market and decided it’s time to bring back a name we know and love. The new Blind Spot Information System will be offered as a standard feature on the Ranger XLT and Lariat models. This system also makes use of cross-traffic alert technology to let you know when a vehicle or object is coming into your path while backing out of a parking spot.

Are You Ready to Drive the Ford Ranger?

The new Ford Ranger will be offered later this year as part of the 2019 model year lineup from Ford. If this is a truck you want to make use of, you need to take a drive and see the team at your nearby Ford dealer. Come in and let this team know you’re ready to have a truck that has an advanced system to help you with the trailer you need to take with you for some adventures on the road.

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