Social Media Metrics Used to Measure Popular Brands

When you’re looking for the right way to gauge whether or not a business is being paid the attention it deserves, social media is offering us a way to define and measure the popularity of a brand.  As this area of the internet has grown and nearly every person, company or entity is making use of some form of a social media platform to share ideas and events that occur in the world.  Automakers are now making use of social media and the metrics offered that can be measured to find out how popular their brands are.  With that in mind, these are the topmost loved brand on social media right now:

Porsche – It’s not surprising to have the Porsche brand is in the mix with the impressive lineup of sports cars and sports tuned SUVs that are right for the drive and a lot of fun for us to enjoy.  This brand has had a total of over 791,000 mentions in the social media world this year so far, which puts it in the tenth place for automotive brands.

Ferrari – The prestige and glory of driving and lusting after a Ferrari are real for many of us in the world.  This brand has been mentioned more than 875,000 times on social media either as a brand that we want to own because of the high priced classics or the super performance offered by the newest models to be brought to the market from this prancing horse brand.

Audi – With a lineup that is being added to and new and exciting models, including the Audi A4, on the horizon, it’s not really any surprise that Audi is in the top ten of the auto brands mentioned on social media.  This brand has been mentioned over 920,000 times on social media and is in the eighth spot and one that’s popular and impressive for you to admire.

Nissan – Whether it’s because the Skyline from 1992 can finally be brought to the US or the fact that this brand has been able to build a strong base in the world the Nissan brand makes its way to the seventh spot and has been mentioned over 946,000 times on social media.  This is strong for a brand that isn’t in the luxury or high-performance markets as much as some of the other brands.

Mercedes-Benz – The popularity of this exciting and sensuous German brand is one that can’t be argued with at all.  Filling in the sixth place when it comes to mentions on social media with over 1,275,000 mentions for this year.  This brand is certainly building a following of those of us that want to enjoy more elegance in the lifestyle we choose.

Honda – In previous years this brand wouldn’t have been one of the most popular but with the explosion of the popularity of the new Honda Civic and the Civic Type R, this is one of the most popular brands on social media.  Honda has been mentioned over 1,316,000 times in order to give you the fifth place spot when it comes to the mentions on social media.

Toyota – There’s no surprise here, Toyota is one of the most popular brands in the entire world and has the most models on the market around the globe.  What might be surprising is the fact that it’s only the fourth most mentioned car brand on social media.  Toyota has been mentioned over 1,371,000 times this year to fill this position.

BMW – The top of the German brands when it comes to social media is BMW.  This brand earned a following that comes extremely close to being a cult and it has been mentioned more than 1,386,000 times on social media already to be the third most mentioned car brand.  A car or SUV from this brand can give you the adventure that you just have to share.

Tesla – The second most mentioned brand on social media is one of the smallest in the world.  With only three models offered on the market, Tesla receives a following that’s unheard of.  It’s possible the active way their CEO engages in social media adds to the over 1,536,000 mentions across the various social media outlets.

Ford – The most loved automaker on social platforms is the brand that has the most popular pickup truck, an excellent lineup of sedans and SUVs and now one of the most admired supercars in the world.  Ford has been mentioned on various social media platforms over 1,781,000 times and is ahead of some of the brands in the world that aren’t automakers that we know and admire as well.


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