Cadillac is Quietly Trimming Its Lineup

The 2019 model year is looming ever closer to us and will show us several changes in the market with new models being offered from several automakers, like Cadillac.
For some brands, this is also a model year that will see the lineup offered trimmed down to be closer to what we need and expect when it’s time to take a drive. Most brands trim their lineups based on sales that have slowed for some models and that seems to be the case at Cadillac with a pair of models that won’t be offered in the upcoming months.

While they didn’t make any huge announcement of items that won’t be offered, Cadillac did not file a VIN log with the NHTSA for the Cadillac ATS sedan for the 2019 model year. This gives us the thought that the ATS sedan won’t be part of the next model year, but we’ll still have the small and active ATS coupe that can be the enjoyable way to have a luxury sports coupe that offers you an active drive and the fun you want when you head out on the road. This makes perfect sense as the small sedan wasn’t finding its way off dealer lots the way Cadillac would have hoped.
In addition to the loss of the ATS Sedan, it appears the top sedan in the Cadillac lineup will also lose the 2.0-liter engine from the collection. This seems to make a lot of sense because the CT6 is expected to be the flagship model for now and offer us a higher level of performance and power from under the hood. This does mean we’ll lose one of the great mysteries of the drive from Cadillac which was how they were able to give us this small engine in a large car and still offer a great ride.

Continuing to be Offered by Cadillac

You don’t have to think the Cadillac brand is in any kind of trouble. They are simply making some small changes that make sense in the market we live in today. The ATS Coupe and ATS-V Coupe will both still be part of the lineup and you can expect the CT6 to be a car that allows you to have the pure luxury ride you want for several years. The team has also announced the work they’re doing on what may be a CT5 sedan to be added to the mix in the future to fill out the portfolio.
With these changes to the sedans and cars of Cadillac, you can see the direction this brand is going, especially if you’ve listened to any of the recent announcements from the brand. There are several new crossover SUVs in the works to begin to expand the lineup and offer more of what we want to enjoy on the road. By quietly removing just a couple of items from the cars, which weren’t selling anyway, Cadillac is poised to continue to be the choice you want to make when you’re looking for the luxury ride that will put a smile on your face.

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