The Truck Show Brings the Power

Whether you’re looking for a new work truck for the job you need to get done or you want to see what’s new in the truck world, the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN is the place to see them all at once.
These are some of the most capable and powerful vehicles we can have for the drive and the tasks at hand and they were truly on display at this show to give us an idea of what the future brings.

From light duty to full-size workhorses, the NTEA Work Truck Show leaves little to be desired where awesome pickup power is concerned. The sheer variety of work trucks available to be discovered is incredible.
Here are some of the most impressive items found at this show:
Boss Snowplows Ford F-250 Super Duty – Many of the aftermarket suppliers make their way to this show and match their gear to the truck that’s right for the job. At the Boss Snowplows boot ha Super Duty F-250 was on hand to be the one that would work great with the new massive front and rear drag plow that are built to make the job of snow removal easier.
T880S MX-13 Jerr-Dan Wrecker – Another function of trucks is to take wrecked vehicles off the road and have the equipment needed to help those in danger. This was probably the biggest truck at the show and it has the equipment needed for massive recovery operations. This truck has an amazing 1850 lb.-ft. of torque and the ability to tow up to 50,000 pounds.
OLSON Trailer and Body Dump Truck – Still one of the most useful ways to haul dirt and gravel to the jobsite is by loading it in a dump truck. This big brute was on display to make it easy to advertise your company and have the capability needed to get the materials you want to the location where it will be dumped by this big beast.
International HX620 – While the International name has been around for a long time, this brand is introducing a new line of trucks at this show and the largest of them is the NX620 with the Cummins Performance X15 which handles the grunt work you have for it. This truck makes a massive 1650 lb.-ft. of torque and can carry 66,000 pounds to the job.
Chevrolet Silverado 6500 HD – This was a bit of a surprise for this truck show and it’s a big Class 6 truck that makes the ride right when you need to carry a massive load to the jobsite. This truck has been upgraded with frame improvements and a new configuration that makes it able to compete with work trucks on the Class 7 level.
Ram 1500 Tradesman – This might be the smallest truck at the show and even though it’s a common performer. The Ram 1500 Tradesman is a significant model. This is a cool truck that looked great on the show floor in white with tinted windows in the Crew Cab form to make sure you know this is a truck that can be dressed up for the weekend when you want to drive it with your family.
Nissan Titan Snow Plow Prep – At the corner of the Nissan display area was a regular cab Nissan that wore a Boss snowplow and salt spreader to let you know this is a truck that can get the job done in the colder areas of the country. Not only can this truck handle the job, it’s offered with the best work truck warranty on the market to make sure you have the peace of mind you desire.
General Motors SURUS – If you’re looking for the advancements in the work trucks you can trust, this is one that should interest you. This truck is powered by hydrogen and is fully autonomous and appears to be more of a flatbed that’s missing the cab. This unique design can allow the truck to take on a variety of configurations and drive where you need it to.
UPS Grumman Olson Kurb Side – Yes, a big brown delivery truck was on display and its one that came from the 1950s to be shown off at this show. This truck is one that looks great with its throwback style and reminds us that trucks were pretty cool at one time just as much as receiving a package from the UPS delivery driver was a cool experience.
Nissan Smokin’ Titan – The bed was removed and a smoky paint theme was added to this burly Titan to give it a look that could make it easy to haul a large BBQ grill. This gives the truck a specific purpose and theme, but that’s such a fantastic idea that people were likely lining up to see if there was anything on the grill that was on display with the truck.

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