GM is Using a Strategy that’s Been Used at FCA

GM will be adopting a common FCA practice when it seeks to offer its 2019 lineup of Chevrolet and GMC trucks and SUVs.
The FCA team took a chance and offered us the previous version of the Jeep Wrangler while also giving us the newest version of the off-road SUV that you love to drive. This ensured an overlap in products and a continued available of both models so that customers could order what they wanted to enjoy rather than simply choosing from the models on the lot. This sales strategy offered an amazing amount of success for the Wrangler and is a strategy that’s going to be used again by FCA and now will also be used by GM.

The Strategy for Chevrolet and GMC

As already announced, the Ram 1500 will transition to the 2019 model year by selling the previous generation alongside the newest one. The current generation model will be called the Ram 1500 Classic and the new one will wear the names we’ve known for the brand. There will be many choices that can be made in order to make this the right truck to choose and keep interest and ordering opportunities alive. GM will make use of the same strategy and you’ll see it soon at your nearby dealer.
When you head to the Chevrolet dealership in your area and choose the Chevrolet Silverado Legacy pickup truck, you’re actually choosing the model that’s part of the previous generation. The same will be true when you take a ride to your nearby GMC dealership and choose the GMC Sierra Limited model. Both of these trucks give you the ability to order the features and qualities you want in the truck you drive while being entry-level models that are affordable or excellent for a fleet of commercial trucks that can be used. This strategy ensures an overlap of the truck offerings and should spell sales success for these two GMC brands.

Changing Locations for the Build

While GM will continue to build nearly 60,000 trucks per hear at the Oshawa assembly plant, which is large enough to house the assembly lines of both of the models of the Silverado and Sierra in order to make sure you can have the choice between the two different models, FCA has a different plan in mind. FCA will move the Ram 1500 to the Sterling Heights assembly plant. This will leave room at the Warren Truck assembly plant and the Saltillo Truck assembly plant for more models from FCA to be built.
If this strategy works for GM, expect to see more of the models offered by this company making use of this same strategy in the future. FCA has shown this is the most advantageous way to sell more vehicles and have the overlap desired in order to show sales success in the market. With the automotive market turning toward more trucks and SUVs, automakers can’t afford to miss any opportunity. Visit your nearby Chevrolet, GMC, or Ram dealerships over the next few months and see how these trucks are being offered that come from two different generations for the drive.

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