Fiat – Take a Look Back in History for a Trip Down Memory Lane

Fiat is a brand that we might not understand completely in the US, but it’s one that has been enjoyed and admired for several decades in Europe. As the brand that builds small and active cars that are cute and offer an Italian design, the Fiat 500 has been prowling the streets around Europe for a long time. If you wanted a car that you could drive through the crowded streets to be able to reach one of the coasts to have a lot of fun, the right car to drive was and still is the Fiat 500.

A Throwback Memory

In 1958, Fiat created a Fiat 500 Jolly which was built to offer a true beach inspired version of the car that would offer motorists the look and feel they desired. This car was often called the Spiaggina which is Italian for “beach” and it showed the nautical appearance that captured the imagination. This car was built with no roof, a lowered windshield, no rear seats, and a gorgeous Volare Blue and Pearla White exterior paint scheme that let it be a car that would offer an excellent experience as you drove to the beach.

Bringing Back the Memory

In an effort to allow us to relive some of the fun and active driving personality that was part of the original 1958 Fiat 500 Jolly, the brand is ready to bring back the name and offers us the qualities we’re going to love when we drive. This new model will be called by its Italian name and be the Fiat 500 Spiaggina to let those who drive it know they’ve found the right vehicle to take out to the beach for a day or a weekend of joy along the coast.

Features Available from Fiat

In order to allow shoppers of the Fiat 500 to be able to add the items they want to their car to make sure they can have the beach feeling desired, Fiat is offering some of the features as custom parts that will be available to customers. If you want to upgrade your Fiat 500 you’ll be able to order the shorter windshield, luggage compartment where the rear seats used to be, and any of the current engines offered for the Fiat 500. This is a car that can be a lot of fun when it’s time to head out to the beach.

A Production Version Offered

There will be a production version of the car that will be offered to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of this car. This model will be called the 500 Spiaggina ’58 and it will offer the same light blue and white paint scheme as the original model along with the vintage looking steelie wheels and interior that’s finished in blue and white. There will be 1,958 models built to commemorate the anniversary and it will be built with either a 1.2-liter engine that makes 69 horsepower or a 0.9-liter gasoline engine that makes 85 ponies. Unfortunately, this car will only be offered in Europe, but maybe some of them will make it to the US.


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