Chevrolet SS, And Then it Was Gone

As we turn the pages of time and look toward the new model year, we remember that the Chevrolet SS is no longer included in the Chevrolet lineup.
This vehicle is the Chevrolet SS. As one of the most impressive cars that have ever been built in its class, the Chevrolet SS has never quite achieved the sales goals that were set for it and the recent closing of the Holden plant in Australia has made it so that this car will no longer be built. This was the only model that was brought from Australia to the US in recent years and now it will be gone for good.

The Chevrolet SS Was Built Right

This glorious car may have been built and based off the Holden Commodore, but that car and the SS both share a heart that is easily as American as they come. The Commodore will continue, but it won’t be built in the Holden factory and will be changed from a RWD model to a FWD car. The Chevrolet SS, unfortunately, will be gone from the market and this deletion will mark the loss of one of the few RWD models offered in the mainstream market.
While the purpose of making this car was to have it compete in NASCAR, there aren’t any others that can compete in this class when it comes to all-around performance. Because this car was destined for the track, there wasn’t ever any real marketing effort around the Chevrolet SS Sedan, which may have been a huge failure on the part of Chevrolet. The SS offered a 6.2-liter V8 engine, producing 415 horsepower and 415lb.-ft. of torque that was pushed directly to the rear wheels. This made for an exceptional manual transmission to row your own gears.

Did Chevrolet Miss the Boat

It might not seem to be an intelligent proposal to keep a factory open simply because of one vehicle that’s manufactured there, but the lack of support from the brand and the parent company of GM made it so that the Chevrolet SS has spent many years being the bastard child of the brand. The proof that GM missed something comes in the popularity of the Dodge Charger and the many ways it can be built which could have certainly been part of what Chevrolet could have done for the SS, had they chosen to make the investment.
It’s a shame the Chevrolet SS will be gone from the market. This car has been called a sleeper and even a bit of a rogue at times. The Chevrolet SS has been a car that makes it possible to enjoy the drive and have a direct feel for what 400 horsepower in a large sedan can feel like. This car could turn some fast laps and provide us with an impressive drive, but it won’t be offered on the market any longer. Now, you’ll have to browse the used chevy vehicle market to find the right SS for you. Without even as much as a special model or look for the farewell tour, the Chevrolet SS will leave the market in the same quiet fashion it entered with; but it certainly made a lot of noise while it was with us, at least for those that understood what this car was.

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