Your Chevy Vehicle Will Call You Out

Your new Chevy vehicle can now help to prevent you from driving while distracted with the new Call Me Out feature.
When you’re stopped at a light and you see passing traffic, have you ever noticed the number of people either holding their phones to their ear, looking down at a phone, or obviously texting while driving? With the technology we have available to us, even for older model vehicles, there’s no excuse for this. You can spend $20 and have a Bluetooth device that plugs into your cigarette lighter and broadcasts through an open radio station if you want to have connectivity in a vehicle that was built before this technology was added to vehicles.

A New Chevrolet Smartphone App Helps You

Chevrolet has launched a new smartphone app called “Call Me Out” which is designed to remind you to keep your eyes on the road and put your phone down while you drive. This new app is designed to help you avoid driving while distracted, which a new survey shows 84 percent of people admit to doing at one time or another. Think about that for a second, 84 percent of the people on the road have driven distracted and you are likely one of them along with several others that are in traffic with you when you drive.

How Does “Call Me Out” Work

This new app is designed to work by combining two influential forces, technology and the people we love. The idea is to change the distracted driving behavior with a recorded positive message to remind each other to keep their hands on the wheel and off the phone when they drive. These messages can be simple reminders that will hopefully help those who begin to drive distracted or fall victim to peer pressure of answering or texting while driving to stop doing this right away and hopefully leverage a positive influence over peer pressure that can be felt.
This new app uses an audible alert system that has the voices of the loved ones that have been recorded to help you fight the urge to engage in risky distracted driving behaviors. The app is free for Android phone users through the Google Play Store. The app will detect when traveling at speeds above 5 mph and plays the personalized message to remind you to keep your attention on the road. There’s also a scoreboard with rankings to let you compete with your friends and family members to see who can use their phone the least when driving.

Chevrolet Enforces Good Driving Behaviors

The new “Call Me Out” app is a voluntary item on new Chevrolet vehicles that can be used to help keep you safer when you drive. This is an important part of the feature because you’re not being forced to use the system. Of course, some parents can make this a required part of the apps on the smartphone of their teenagers to help them develop better habits as they learn how to drive smarter and find their way behind the wheel to enjoy a quality ride without the use of a cellphone while receiving messages from loved ones.

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