A Toyota Classic Gem on the Japanese Landscape

A Toyota Classic Gem on the Japanese Landscape

One car that has carried on with its own tradition of excellence is the Toyota Century which is an amazing luxury version offered to drive.

Tradition, honor, and excellence are all qualities we associate with many aspects of Japanese culture. These qualities carry over into the automotive industry to give us a variety of vehicles that are right for the drive. This car honored us last year at the Tokyo Motor Show as the new third-generation model was introduced with a look and design that harkens back to a time that seems to be in the past in every other market.

What has the Toyota Century Been?

This car is one that’s been a staple of the Japanese market since 1967. When you see it, even the newest model, you’ll see that it appears to have barely changed since it first arrived on the scene. This car brings us a boxy style, an available wool interior, and traditional wood trim as features that harken back to the old days. The upgrades offered in this new generation include a hybrid 5.0-liter V8 powertrain, interior active noise cancelation, a rear-seat entertainment system, and a 20-speaker audio system that sounds perfect in this gorgeous car.

The CEO Gets What He Wants

You might not think of the Toyota Century as being the car that would excite you on the road, but when asked which car he wanted to drive, the CEO of Toyota Akio Toyoda said he wanted to drive a new Century that has been tuned by Gazoo Racing. This is the performance and racing sub-brand of Toyota that adds the GR to some of the names we know. Even though many people thought he was joking, he wasn’t and a prototype version of what the GR model of the Century would be has been developed.

No Details Except it’s a Toyota for the CEO

Recently, a white GR version of the Century was spotted which could be a sign that the production version is on the way. This car is one that was first made known in December and now it’s made the way to the roads for some testing in order to give us a look at what this sportier version of the car could be when it’s time to get out on the roads and drive. This sedan has sporty front, side, and rear lip extensions, a lip spoiler, sporty-looking alloy wheels, and GR badges.

Details Are Slim for this Car

The details of the new Century GR haven’t been revealed at all, but we expect it to be an upgrade from the hybrid 5.0-liter V8 engine that’s already in the standard version of this car. Once the Toyota team makes this new version of the car available to the public inJapan, it will be the upgraded model that the CEO wanted for the drive that could be right for the drive. We expect to see more power and a sportier look when this car arrives and carries some of the leaders of the Japanese business world around to where they need to go.

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