A Mitsubishi Pickup that Should be Offered Here

A Mitsubishi Pickup that Should be Offered Here

Just because Mitsubishi stopped selling pickup trucks in the US in the 1990s, doesn’t mean it lost touch with this class of vehicles.

Mitsubishi has had its ups and downs in the North American auto market. This is a brand that has recently had to partner with Nissan in order to stay afloat, and it has a lineup that offers only a few small cars and several excellent SUVs. Even so, this brand is strong and thriving around the world.  In fact, this brand has continued to offer trucks around the world for a long time.

We Want the Triton

Depending on the market, the pickup truck offered by Mitsubishi is either called the Triton or the L200. This truck is now in its fifth generation, which began in 2014, and it is a truck that has been extremely successful for Mitsubishi around the world. There will certainly be the sixth generation of this truck and it will likely be one that offers the next level of development. We’d like to see the Triton make its way to the North American market so that we can enjoy what this truck has to offer on our roads.

A Body on Frame Build

We think of our trucks as needing to be ready to go off-road, but in most markets of the world, there is a need for them to be off-road equipped. Because the Mitsubishi Triton is sold around the world, it’s certainly a truck that needs to be equipped with the features desired to take you off the paved road and onto trails with ease. This capable truck is likely equipped with a part-time selectable 4WD system that can handle tough terrain and give the performance desired in the wilderness.

This Mitsubishi Would Fit In

Because this brand is having a hard time growing in the US market, a midsize or smaller truck that’s capable and equipped the right way could be exactly what we need for our market. This is a truck that could be added to the mix of the midsize trucks, which is an area of the market that continues to grow every year. This could become the foundation for the future of success for the brand in North America, but right now, this truck isn’t slated to go on sale in the US at all.

Bring us the Triton

Even though the Triton is a truck that’s not expected to make it to North America, there are many Mitsubishi dealers around the country that have said they really want a pickup truck to sell. It would be an excellent addition to the lineup and make many of the dealers here smile. Hopefully, when Mitsubishi creates the sixth generation of this truck, we’ll see it make its way to our dealer network and be added to the mix so that we can enjoy the quality and features that have made the Triton such a successful truck around the world.

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