The Car Brands You Want to Avoid

While we seem to have more quality vehicle choices now than ever before, some car brands are still having trouble getting it right.
While you can find some impressive models from these brands, you will want to consider other brands in the same class. Consumer Reports has created a list of the least reliable brands for the 2018 model year to help you when you’re shopping for the vehicle you want to drive.


Going from tenth to first for the list, Lincoln has been able to move up two spots and become more reliable than it was in 2017, but you still might want to avoid the Lincoln brand if you’re looking for luxury and reliability. The least reliable model is the MKZ with the Continental being the most reliable in the lineup.


Dodge is the most reliable of the FCA brands with a move up by three positions to be a brand you might consider. When you’re shopping for a Dodge vehicle, the Journey is the least reliable model and the Charger is the most reliable. Other models made their way to the middle of the pack among the Dodge vehicles.


The Jeep brand is another FCA brand and it shows up with the same average reliability score as Dodge. Finishing eighth on the list is a move downward of two spots compared to 2017. The Compass is the least reliable SUV in the lineup and the Renegade happens to be the most reliable Jeep model you can drive.


Coming in seventh on the list is Chevrolet, which dropped five spots compared to last year, giving it one of the worst drops on the list. The most reliable Chevrolet model that you can drive is the Impala while the least reliable is the Traverse. Fortunately for Chevy fans, they do offer other nice options in the world of SUVs; from the full-size Tahoe to the smaller Equinox. They may not be the best around, but they are far better options than the Traverse, it would seem.


There are only two models left that wear the Chrysler badge, which makes it difficult for this brand to get out of the bottom ten when it comes to reliability. This brand shows up in the sixth position with the Pacifica being the less reliable of the two models offered from this FCA brand.


The GMC brand moved up one spot compared to last year, but it still shows up in the fifth position when it comes to the least reliable brands. The Sierra 2500 HD is the least reliable model with the Yukon being the most reliable. The issues for this brand have to do with the infotainment and the power equipment features.

It’s not surprising to see another FCA brand on this list and Ram makes it just out of the top three and ends up in the fourth position. The Ram 2500 was the most reliable truck in the Ram lineup while the Ram 3500 is one that struggled and is the least reliable model offered by Ram.


Another brand that struggled and dropped a bit was Tesla, which lost six positions and is the third least reliable brand on the market. The Model X continues to be the least reliable model offered by the brand with the Model 3 making the top of the list for the brand even though it only received an average rating.


The runner-up when it comes to the least reliable brands on the market may surprise you. Cadillac has received a low score and has dropped one spot compared to 2017. The ATS, which will be replaced soon, is the least reliable model while the XTS is the most reliable vehicle offered by Cadillac for you to have the drive you want.


The least reliable brand you can buy is Volvo. While this brand has a strong reputation for leading the way when it comes to safety, there’s a lot of room for improvement form a brand that’s viewed as a luxury name. The S90 is the least reliable model from Volvo and the XC60 is the most reliable model you can drive from this brand.

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