Reliable Luxury SUVs at an Affordable Price

When you’re looking for the right one of the reliable pre-owned luxury SUVs for your drive, you need it to fit into your budget and be the right choice for you. One of the first items on your list should be how reliable the model that you choose is. Why? So that you can have the drive you’re looking for and know you can trust it for your daily ride. If you need to maintain a budget of $20,000 or less for the used cars that you choose to drive, here are some great choices for you.

Reliable Land Rover LR4

This impressive SUV is one that has the off-road chops you’re looking for and the features that will make a huge difference. Take a test drive and check out the adjustable air suspension, the multiple driver settings, and the comfort offered in this handsome off-road-ready SUV that you’re sure to love.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

This model is no longer built, but you can still enjoy the affordable quality comfort of this luxury SUV. The R-Class offered you the choice of a gasoline or diesel engine. It also offers AWD and supportive seats. Let this be the top pre-owned luxury SUV for you and begin to enjoy the quality offered with this brand.

Acura ZDX

Another model that’s no longer built by the brand is the ZDX. This model brings you a handsome cabin and a long list of standard features. This is to make sure you can have the drive you’re looking for. Check out the roominess and the power of the engine that will make this the SUV that’s perfect for you on the road.

Mercedes-Benz GLK

You may be surprised to find the number of Mercedes-Benz models on this list that are present. The compact size of the GLK 350 is easy to admire and enjoy. Its benefits and features include a drowsiness monitor and Bluetooth. It also has a leather upholstery, and alloy wheels for the drive you want to experience on the road.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Here’s a solid off-road model that has the performance you’re looking for. It also has the driving manners that you’ll admire when you take it for a drive. This impressive SUV brings you the benefits of leather upholstery. It also features a premium audio system, and push-button start. Get behind the wheel and see that this can be the right pre-owned luxury SUV for you.


Compact quality driving is what you’re going to find in this SUV that can be the right choice for you to have what you need when you get behind the wheel. Check out the impressive features, the smooth driving experience and the items that make this the SUV that has what you want for your daily drive on the roads in your area.

Porsche Cayenne

Even though you won’t find new models of this SUV in your price range, you can certainly have the benefit of the drive with this sporty vehicle if you reach back several years and decide which version of the Cayenne will fit into your budget. This is a fun and active pre-owned luxury SUV that can become the right choice for you.


The X3 has been a fan favorite on the market as one of the most impressive small luxury SUVs that you can enjoy when it’s time to have a great drive. Get behind the wheel and know you’ve got one of the top pre-owned luxury SUVs that can be the athlete you want with the room you’ve been after for your daily drive.

Cadillac Escalade

If you want a massive reliable pre-owned luxury SUV to drive, this could be the one that’s exactly what you need. This is a big brute that brings you tons of power and a cabin filled with comfort. In order to stay in your price range you might have to reach back a decade, but you’ll still have a vehicle that offers you an incredible package of what you need.

Lexus RX 350

A Small and active SUV that offers you the ride you want and a stance that’s ready to head out on the road is this SUV. There’s a ton of comfort and the features you will love to enjoy including a nine-speaker audio system and reclining rear seats that give you the ride you’re going to admire in this impressive pre-owned luxury SUV.


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