The Ram HD is Keeping Things Simpler with a New Design

The Ram HD is Keeping Things Simpler with a New Design

The new design of the Ram HD models that will arrive for the 2020 model year, is certainly a breath of fresh air.

When you look across the lineup of pickup trucks that we see on the market, the style has gotten away from some brands. There are those that feel the heavy-duty and super-duty models offered shouldn’t go out of their way to be more dramatic in design than the half-ton models. These larger trucks are, after all, designed for bigger jobs and the purpose of hauling more than the smaller models.

Polarizing isn’t Key in a Large Truck

There have been a number of vehicles offered on the market in recent years that have carried in a polarizing style. This was certainly on purpose, but what the truck market doesn’t need is a style that will make owners wonder why their favorite brand went beyond what should be offered. When you look at the Chevrolet Silverado HD and the Ford Super Duty pickup trucks you might notice the style that’s a far cry from their half-ton siblings, which some have decided isn’t a good thing for a pickup truck.

Ram is Getting it Right

As the new Ram HD pickup truck is prepared to head to the market for the 2020 model year, the truck will be offered with the style that’s reflective of the half-ton model of the Ram 1500. While the Ram team has finally turned its back on the semi-truck style and got rid of the cross-hair grill that came from the Dodge brand, the style is certainly substantial, but conservative in nature to be an excellent model that would be right for the drive and the work that needs to be done when you head out to the job site.

Items that Seem the same in the Ram HD

When you look at the new Ram HD you’ll notice the headlights are still in the same location, the bumpers still have a significant amount of prominence, and the overall look is attractive and somehow it feels familiar for the drive you need to make. You’ll also see front fender bulges that aren’t as pronounced as in the past, but you can still recognize this area of the Ram. There’s plenty of comfort and quality features that make this an amazing truck for you to have the drive you want with the capabilities of a heavy-duty model.

Looking at the Rest of the Ram HD

In the rear of the Ram HD, you’re going to see a set of taillights that resemble those on the Ram 1500, and the RamBox makes its return to give you a place to keep your tools and items you need to take with you. We expect to see this truck powered by the Hemi V8 engines that have been part of the HD lineup for a while and the massive Cummins diesel engine that will be able to offer the low-end torque for the biggest jobs.

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