A Key Fob Question for Cadillac

Recently, a photo appeared online that shows a key fob that has a Cadillac emblem on one side and several interesting buttons on the reverse. This key fob photo is giving us pause to wonder what the luxury brand from GM has up its sleeve and to think about what Cadillac might be bringing to the market. When you look at the buttons offered, a sports car comes to mind, but the buttons also give us the thought that an EV might be in the cards. In reality, this key fob picture could mean absolutely nothing, but it does get us talking.

It’s Not Time for a Cadillac Sports Car

There’s a lot going on with Cadillac, and even though this brand has been around for more than a century, it has taken a serious hit over the past couple of decades. Basically, Cadillac is on a reboot path and is ready to debut a new XT4 and add more of the V models to the market while deleting some of the sedans that we see. The Escalade is having trouble keeping up with the Lincoln Navigator and the brand is moving its headquarters back to Detroit. It’snot the time for a sports car from this brand that’s on the reboot path.

What About a New EV Model?

The most recent electric model from Cadillac was fine as part of the lineup for a short time. It filled a need to show a serious commitment to an EV, but it didn’t last long at all. This model allowed us to know that Cadillac could build an EV, but it was a sales drain and cost more for the brand to make than what it was worth. It’s important for this brand to focus on the current market and the profits from the lineup offered.

Which Sports Car Would be Offered

If we entertain the idea that Cadillac could use this key fob to give us a car that’s reflected on the fob, it would be a mid-engine model. The last sports car that came from Cadillac was one that was based on the Chevrolet Corvette and it was called the XLR. This car didn’t sell well and while it may be a good idea for Cadillac to consider a sportscar in the future, right now is not the time as the brand works to build its lineup once again.

What is the Key Fob for?

The key fob in the picture that was shared shows a trunk and a frunk, which means the engine is in the middle or the vehicle is powered by electricity. This key fob could be a hoax or it could simply be a generic fob that’s used for testing and the buttons don’t mean a thing. The silhouette of the car is a sports car, but that also doesn’t mean anything at all. Most likely, the photos of this key fob are meant to do exactly what they did, get us talking about Cadillac.

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