The Sporty and Small Package of the BMW X2

We’ve admired the BMW X1 for its practicality as a subcompact luxury crossover SUV and now BMW has created a new model that adds more sport to the mix. The 2019 BMW X2 is an SUV that brings you the racy good looks you want to go along with a versatile interior. The X2 is offered in the M35i package to give us the small and active feeling we want to enjoy when we’re looking for the performance that will put a smile on our faces in a small and active SUV.

The BMW X2 Fulfills Your Desires

When you don’t need a lot of interior room, and you’re not looking for towing power out of your SUV, the 2019 BMW X2 can be the perfect choice for you. This is a premium SUV that has the luxury qualities you want along with the power that makes it fun for you to drive on the road. As an athletic and exciting vehicle for you to have on the road, the X2 is going to provide you with the ability to carve up the curves and have the fun and active drive you want every day.

The New Items of the X2

For the 2019 model year, the M35i is a new addition to give you the benefits of an M version to enjoy and drive. This impressive new version of the X2 offers you more horsepower, a series of performance upgrades including the first front-axle, M-sport model, a limited slip differential, and launch control. This is an exciting addition to a sporty and fun small SUV that carries the BMW name and can be an ideal choice in a market where smaller SUVs have become more popular than ever before.

Standing Apart for You

The new BMW X2 is a light and active SUV that stands apart from the rest of the BMW lineup with some unique style features. This SUV has a lower roof height than the X1, and it offers you unique side sculpting and a few retro features that include the blue and white roundel that’s attached to the rear pillar. This is an SUV that looks like fun and is an inviting choice when you want to experience what active driving means and how you can have fun on the road. There’s no denying the differences the X2 brings when you shop for a BMW SUV.

Is it Time to Drive?

Are you looking for something different from the rest of the BMW models? Have you admired the X1 in the past but want something that’s a bit sportier? If you’re ready to have an active and fun SUV to drive, you’re going to want to see your nearby BMW dealership and take a look at the 2019 BMW X2. This small and fun SUV is one that will tickle your fancy and make you ready to ride whenever you get behind the wheel. Take a test drive and then take it home with you today.

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