The Toyota Yaris You Want to Drive Every Day

The Toyota Yaris You Want to Drive Every Day

If you’re looking for a small sedan that’s affordable, easy to drive, and reliable on the road, the Toyota Yaris can be the right choice.

Wait, the Yaris is a sedan, when did that happen? For the 2019 model year, the Yaris name has been shifted around to give us the Yaris, which is a sedan, and the Yaris Liftback, which is the hatchback model that you’ve known for many years. This naming structure makes perfect sense and allows you to have a great drive in a small car from the brand you trust.

Where Did the Yaris Sedan Come From

The Toyota Yaris sedan was brought to the Toyota lineup when Scion was dissolved. Originally, this small sedan was to be the Scion iA, and for last year it was named the Yaris iA. Even though this is the recent history of the car, the Yaris sedan is actually a model that borrowed the global Mazda2 platform in a joint venture to give us a small, active, and sporty car that can be a great drive for you. While you might not care where the Yaris sedan came from, it’s good to know you’ve got a great vehicle to drive.

Toyota Upgraded the Yaris for 2019

The 2019 version of this car has been upgraded with a new grille design to give us a look that we can admire even more than the previous model. This sedan is now offered in three trims including the XLE trim which allows you to have leather accent items and leatherette upholstery for the comfort you want when you take this little vehicle out for a drive. While these are only a couple of changes, they are significant to this small car that you’re sure to love.

Interesting Infotainment Controls in the Yaris Sedan

When the Toyota Yaris is sitting still you can use the touchscreen menu to control the features on the infotainment screen. When you begin to take a drive in this car, the controls are moved to the rotary push control knob that’s located on the steering wheel where your right hand will naturally come to rest. The controls on the screen are locked out when the vehicle is in motion, which actually gives you a higher degree of safety when you decide to take this car out for a drive.

Let the Yaris Sedan be Your Choice

If you want a small and affordable sedan that can give you the impressive reliability of the Toyota name, the 2019 Toyota Yaris is the right choice for you. This little car has your safety in mind, and it has the efficiency and qualities you want in your vehicle. As the least expensive vehicle in the Toyota lineup, you need to see how much you can save when you see the team at your nearby Toyota dealership today. Take a test drive and experience the quality, comfort, and easy driving experience of this little sedan.

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