The Smallest Hyundai SUV We’ll See

When the New York Auto Show opens up and we see the curtain drop on the Hyundai booth, there will be a new SUV that shows itself as the smallest model in the Hyundai lineup. In fact, this new SUV is one that will bring in a size that you can enjoy when you head out on the road and it will be smaller than the current Hyundai Kona model we see today. This new model is the newest addition to the lineup and allows Hyundai to be able to catch up to the SUV craze that’s going on in the automotive marketplace.

A Global name of Styx for this new Hyundai

The codename for this new SUV was Qxi and it previewed as a concept that was called the Carolino at the Delhi Auto Expo in 2017. When this SUV shows up in New York, it will be a production version of the Styx that will be ready to go on sale in India in April. The Hyundai Styx is being called a sub-four-meter model in India and it will be smaller than the Kona and even smaller than the Ford EcoSport which is only 161.3 inches long.

Filling a Void in the Market

With many of the different sedans being deleted from the market and a space in the A-segment which is a niche market for any automaker. As some of the compact sedans are taken out of the North American market, the new Hyundai Styx will be ready for you to have the drive you want at the smallest end of the SUV market. This new model might not be a serious volume performer, but if it’s priced right, the Styx just might be the new compact vehicle that more first-time owners turn to.

What will the Hyundai Styx look like

When we see the new Styx, it will be a serious departure from the Kona which has a distinctive character and fast profile. The Styx will be more of a boxy, bold shape that could remind you of a bulldog when you see its stance. This little SUV is going to be one that could change the way we look at the smallest vehicles on the market. If you’re ready to see what this new SUV will give us and how it will look, you’ll have to take a look at it when the New York Auto Show opens up.

Expected Power for the Styx

The New York Auto Show will give us a look at the newest eight-passenger Hyundai Palisade that will be offered for sale starting in the summer. The new Hyundai Styx could be powered by a 1.2-liter gasoline engine or a 1.5-liter diesel engine. Both possible engines could make use of an automatic transmission for the drive and you can expect to see an all-electric version offered in the future. We might also see a new Kia model that’s offered on the same platform for the drive that we want at the smallest end of the SUV market from Hyundai.

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