A Tuner Takes the Honda Civic Type R Over the Top

During the Tokyo Auto Salon, a lot of wild and amazing vehicles are revealed to give us a look at the Japanese imagination brought to life. This is a show where we see a variety of amazing cars that might not make it to production, but certainly, allow us to wonder about what these vehicles could be if they were to be offered publicly. Among the models offered is a new Mugen Honda Civic Type R RC20 GT, which is a mouthful to say, but looks like it could be a lot of fun to drive.

Enhanced Aerodynamics in this Honda

The Honda Civic Type R is already an amazing and over the top vehicle, but Mugen added more to give you the look you want on the track. The aerodynamics and airflow have been improved with a new open-mouth front fascia (a staple of the Mugen brand), a vented hood, a streamlined rear bumper, and a lower diffuser. This package allows the car to be lower and faster to give it the ability to both cut through the air with ease and bring air into the engine to cool the areas that will make this car move.

A Few Items for the Interior of this Civic

When you look inside this impressive creation, you’ll see that only a few items have been added to make this an upgraded version of the car. There’s a carbon accented steering wheel, a different shift knob, and racing seats that have been added to give you the look and feel you want when you head out for a great drive in this impressive mode. Even though Mugen showed up at this show last year and gave us a look at the concept version of this car, the model shown this year, is the production version of it.

Does this Car Make the Grade?

The production version of the Mugen Honda Civic Type R RC20 GT is one that has the over the top feeling you want with a car that’s special and ready to be driven and shown off. Mugen created this new version of the Civic Type R to be a car that can offer you more of the features and qualities you want when you take it to the track and make it the version you’ll want to drive every day.

Can You Enjoy the Mugen Upgrades

No word has been shared yet as to whether or not the package of items offered at the Tokyo Auto Salon will make their way to the US to be available for the features and fun you want to have in the Honda Civic Type R. We’ll keep you updated so that you can find out if these features will be offered at dealerships or other locations where you can add the performance fun that will make your Civic Type R look even bolder than it already does. Until then, admire the imaginative creativity of Mugen to make this car one that could be a serious pleasure for you to drive.

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