The BMW X1 Gives You More
The BMW X1 Gives You More

As the smallest SUV in the BMW lineup, you’ll be amazed by what the 2019 BMW X1 has for you and your comfort. This SUV gives you two rows and five seats and the ability to have a rear seat that slides to the rear and reclines to make sure your passengers in the back can be more comfortable. Everywhere you look in the cabin of this small SUV, you’re going to find the upscale materials that you admire and love so that you can have the drive that you want to enjoy. Read More

A Dodge Police Vehicle Youd Love to Drive
A Dodge Police Vehicle You’d Love to Drive

Different automakers have been tasked with making the models that are used for the law enforcement personnel of the world to have the right vehicle to help them get the job done. One model that makes a lot of sense as a Police Pursuit vehicle is the Dodge Durango. This SUV is built big, tough, and rugged to be the one that offers the power needed and the qualities that make a lot of sense on the roads. If you see this pursuit vehicle behind you, you’re going to want to get out of the way. Read More

Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol
A Pair of Nissan Models Made to Take on the Off-Road Wilderness

As the Nissan Titan and some of the Nissan SUVs offered became long in the tooth, many consumers looking for the right vehicle to take out in the wilderness turned away from the Nissan brand.

Add to this the deletion of the Xterra from the lineup and you see a trend away from the outdoor enthusiasts for the Nissan brand that wasn’t intentional in nature at all. There has to be something the Nissan brand could do to bring back those who love this brand and the off-road qualities that were part of the lineup for years.

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Ford has an Idea for a Hybrid Mustang
Ford has an Idea for a Hybrid Mustang

Would you want to purchase a hybrid version of the Ford Mustang? If not, why not. There have already been several hypercars offered from European manufacturers that show us the benefits of a powerful gasoline engine being paired to electric motors to give a hybrid performance car that’s amazing when it’s time to head out on the road or track. Ford applied for a patent in July of 2017 for an engine layout that could result in the drivetrain needed for a hybrid sports car that would be the Mustang that we want to drive. Read More

2019 Nissan GT-R The Right Supercar
2019 Nissan GT-R: The Right Supercar

While the Nisan GT-R isn’t going to take on the absolute top models from the European exotic brands, this is a car that can be considered in the supercar market to be a car that will be the powerful and fun car that you’ll love to drive. The 2019 Nissan GT-R is a car that has the drive and the aerodynamics you’re looking for when it’s time for a great drive. It’s actually a lot less expensive than the direct competitors that have similar power levels, and it’s more available to you than other models. Read More