Top of the Line Cutting Performance from Kubota

Top of the Line Cutting Performance from Kubota

All you need is the Kubota ZD1511LF-72 and you’ll have the mower you need to be able to cut a wide strip of grass in your yard.

Do you need to use a zero-turn mower in your yard to get around some of the landscaping features, but you have a large hard to get done every week? If so, you don’t need to have two pieces of equipment for the job with a tractor-style mower and a zero turn mower. The job can get done much faster with this big beast.

Six Feet of Cutting Width

The 72 at the end of the name of this Kubota mower stands for the 72-inch Kubota ProDeck with the Aerodynamic Cutting System that allows you to cut six feet of grass at one time. This means you can make fewer passes across the larger areas of your land in order to get the job done much faster. You’re going to be amazed by the performance and quality of this mower when you take it out every week in order to cut your grass and keep your yard manicured to the height you want and the look that you love.

The Efficiency that Makes Sense

In order to offer you this wide cut and make it possible for you to get the job done the way you want, Kubota has improved the airflow inside the deck to optimize the cutting and the discharge. This prevents clippings from clumping and sticking to the walls of the deck. The clippings are recirculated to be cut again and the airflow improvement results in reduced power consumption, increased work, and fuel efficiency to make it easy for you to get the job done. You’ll be amazed at the performance improvement that comes from this amazing machine.

New Items Added to this Kubota

When you take a look at the ZD1511LF model mower, you’re going to see some new items that have been added to improve the performance. There’s a new larger durable spindle shaft that helps to increase the airflow inside the deck. You’ll also see new clean-cut blades that improve the cutting efficiency and the load balance whenyou’re mowing. Additionally, there’s a new flexible discharge chute that has been redesigned to allow for a smoother and more uniform discharge of the clippings that are discharged from the mower.

Choose this Zero Turn Mower Today

If your goal is to get your mowing done faster while having a clean and perfectly cut lawn, you need to take a look at the Kubota ZD1511LF-72. This mower has the widest deck you’ll find on any zero turn mower and it can get close to your landscape items to make sure you don’t have to pull out other equipment to finish the job. Visit your local dealership today and see which Kubota mower will be the one that you choose to take home and put to work for your mowing experience this year.

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