A Wagon Just Might be the Right Car for You

A Wagon Just Might be the Right Car for You

When you think of a station wagon, if you picture the National Lampoons movies and the Griswold Family Truckster, you’re in the wrong class.

Many of the wagons that we see on the market today are made to be sleek, stylish, and attractive to make sure we can have the car that we want to drive while also enjoying the addition of the cargo room that you need when you head out with your family or friends. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the coolest wagons that we’ve seen.

Cool Wagons You Could Drive

Saab 9-3 Turbo X

This wagon just sounds cool when you say its name and the style you’ll see will make you want to get behind the wheel and take a drive. This car looks like a lengthened hatchback with the added roominess needed for more cargo to go along with you on the road. Only a handful of these wagons were ever built and a few of them were offered with a manual transmission. This car offers nearly 300 horsepower to make it surprisingly powerful and fun.

Holden Commodore Sportwagon

This Australian wagon is one that’s easy to admire with the power and build we can fall in love with. As you would expect from Holden (the same company that brought us the Chevrolet SS) this wagon is RWD and it has the ability to be powered by a strong V8 engine to give you the drive you want to enjoy every day.

Cadillac CTS-V Wagon

This wagon checks all the boxes while also adding a large amount of cargo room in the rear to give you everything you want when you head out on the road. This impressive machine has a supercharged V8 engine, is set up in RWD, and offers you a manual transmission when you want it. You might have a hard time finding this car, but it’s worth the trouble.

Volvo 850R

This vehicle is considered the beginning of the Volvo performance car movement with a turbocharged five-cylinder engine, excellent cornering grip, and a strong braking system offered for you to have the drive you want. If you want a classic and a classy wagon, this could be the right one for you to have the drive you’re looking for.

Volvo V70R

Another cool performance wagon from Volvo is this model that has been more common on the market for several years. This car can make 300 horsepower and it offers you the option of a six-speed manual transmission. The automatic is more common for the drive, but either way, you’re going to have a great drive when you get behind the wheel.

Audi RS2

Small and active, the RS2 has been extended to give you the room you want in the rear while maintaining the feeling you get in a car that’s been sourced from the Porsche bin. The wheels come from a 964 and it’s an interesting model to drive. This car is now legal to import to the US, which means you could have the driving fun you want with this Audi.

Audi RS6 Avant

Here’s a car that certainly deserves a spot on this list with its incredible drive and perfect engineering that make it the right wagon for you. This car packs over 600 horsepower under the hood and rides on the Quattro AWD system that makes it easy for you to control while you enjoy the benefits of a large and comfortable wagon on the road.

Audi S4 Avant (B6)

Here’s an Audi wagon that you were actually able to buy in the US when it was new. This car offers a V8 engine and it could be had with a manual transmission as well. This car can handle all the tough weather, the harsh roads, and offers you the added benefits of the large cargo area to keep the items in that you need to take with you.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon

Sleek, stylish, and sophisticated, you almost forget this car is a wagon with the amazing performance offered and the looks that it offers you. Once you take this car for a drive, you’re going to realize this car is perfect for everything you need to do while giving you the strong Mercedes-Benz qualities that you love.

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