A Pair of Nissan Models Made to Take on the Off-Road Wilderness

As the Nissan Titan and some of the Nissan SUVs offered became long in the tooth, many consumers looking for the right vehicle to take out in the wilderness turned away from the Nissan brand.

Add to this the deletion of the Xterra from the lineup and you see a trend away from the outdoor enthusiasts for the Nissan brand that wasn’t intentional in nature at all. There has to be something the Nissan brand could do to bring back those who love this brand and the off-road qualities that were part of the lineup for years.

Thankfully, Nissan is now offering the benefits of the Nissan Armada Mountain Patrol concept and the Titan Project Basecamp that was part of the concepts we saw offered only a year ago. These two vehicles represent six tons of wilderness-taming perfection to be able to help you get your kayak or mountain bike to the starting point of your trek so that you can enjoy the outdoors and have the ability to have an adventure in the wilderness where you want to have fun and commune with nature.

These Two Show Off the Nissan Capability

This year, the Armada Mountain Patrol vehicle was introduced at the Overland Expo West, which coincidently, is the same show where we saw the Titan Project Basecamp make its appearance only a year ago. Since the Titan was shown, Nissan has run a series of Titan Adventures for the media to try and let this pickup be the one that could be chosen for the fun of a backwoods expedition. Of course, the addition of the Nissan Armada model to the mix makes it easy to see how an SUV and a truck could offer the most fun out on the trails.

Will the two models make their way to the market? So far, the Titan Project Basecamp and Armada Mountain Patrol have both been concept models used for specific fun and events, but that won’t stop Nissan. The Nissan Frontier proves that the brand can continue to offer us the fun and experience we want out on the trails, and these two models offer us more of what we want when it’s time for some fun. Nissan is ready to embrace the off-road crowd that wants to reach the distant wilderness with ease and these two vehicles could be the perfect answer to the problem of ensuring a safe return.

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