Ford has an Idea for a Hybrid Mustang

Would you want to purchase a hybrid version of the Ford Mustang? If not, why not. There have already been several hypercars offered from European manufacturers that show us the benefits of a powerful gasoline engine being paired to electric motors to give a hybrid performance car that’s amazing when it’s time to head out on the road or track. Ford applied for a patent in July of 2017 for an engine layout that could result in the drivetrain needed for a hybrid sports car that would be the Mustang that we want to drive.

Specifics Regarding the Ford Hybrid Layout

The patent application that was describes the use of a longitudinally mounted engine that sends the power to the rear wheels, which is exactly what the Mustang does, while making use of a pair of electric motors, one at each of the front wheels This means a hybrid version of the Mustang would be one that gives usa full AWD system and instant torque to make it one of the quickest Mustang models to accelerate off the line when this car is ready to sprint on a quarter-mile run.

Which Version of the Mustang Would Receive the Hybrid Power?

While the description used in the patent application only describes an engine that provides the power to the rear wheels, we could be looking at the future of the Mustang that could reach incredible power numbers. The desire for the V8-powered Mustang Hybrid would be astronomical and this could be a specialized version of the car that we already love to drive. For now, this car is only considered to be a thought and something the brand is considering for the future, but nothing concrete has taken place to make this Mustang a reality.

Of Course, it Could be More Efficient

For the past several years, the Ford Mustang has been a muscle car that also offers us the ability to have affordable driving and an efficient model at the bottom of the range. There’s no reason that a new hybrid system couldn’t be offered for every model of the Mustang to give us more of the driving characteristics that we want, including increased fuel mileage on the road. While this isn’t exactly the version of the Mustang that would pique our imagination, it’s certainly a practical application of the hybrid system.

The Mustang Could be Legendary

When you think of the Ford Mustang, you already think of a car that’s carved a special place in the automotive history books and continues to write new chapters. If Ford were to offer us a hybrid Mustang with a massive V8 engine under the hood, it would have the instant low-end torque that you want to get off the line and then the incredible power of the engine to allow this car to rip off some of the fastest las we’ve ever seen. Hopefully, Ford will decide to build the hybrid version of the Mustang for us to enjoy a great ride.

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