SUV vs. Minivan, Which is the Right One for Your Family

SUV vs. Minivan, Which is the Right One for Your Family

Should your family ride around in an SUV or in a minivan?  This is one of the most important questions to ask when you visit your local dealership.

Battle of the Family Vehicles

Your family needs a new vehicle, but which one should you buy? A minivan is the typical family vehicle, but you’ve had your eye on a Suburban for a while. It’s not an easy question to answer because it does depend on your family’s preference and needs, but here are some key differences between minivans and SUVs so you can make the right decision.

Tech Features

Minivans and SUVs both come with the latest technology to keep the kids entertained. If you want easy smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you’ll be able to find both in either vehicle. USB ports and dual AC zones are also commonly found in both. If entertainment on the go is a big factor for your family, SUVs and minivans both have the option to have screens on the back of the seats to keep everyone laughing and entertained for hours.

Space for People & Things

Minivans beat SUVs when it comes to having adequate room for everyone and all their things. Minivans are typically longer and have room for that third row of seats without compromising on cargo space. SUVs are large enough for that third row and cargo too, but minivans are able to give you that extra bit of space that you may need when you’re headed on a road trip to Florida for summer vacation.

Minivans also make removing that third row easier, so you can transform your minivan to accommodate larger items. Minivans are easier to load and unload because they’re set lower to the ground compared to SUVs, so you can have your little ones help you pack up the minivan and get the job done faster.


Both vehicles will be an investment, so it really depends on the make and model, and the features you want. SUVs are known for being tricked out with all the features and leather interior. A top-tier SUV can set you back well over $60,000, whereas a top-tier minivan can come in under $55,000. Do some research and be sure to take both vehicles for a test drive with your family.

You need to truly get a feel for the SUV or minivan, so you can envision using it every day. Remember, this is an investment and one you want to make wisely, so get your family involved and don’t be afraid to ask for an extended test drive, because a short five to 10 minute spin around the block may not be enough to help you decide.

What Does Your Family Need

It really boils down to what your family needs in its next vehicle. A minivan or SUV will serve your family well, but each will serve your family in a different way. You may feel one way or another about driving a minivan or an SUV. Give both a thorough test drive and really figure out what your family needs from its next vehicle. Either way, you’ll be in great hands no matter what vehicle you decide on.

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