A Big New Face on the Outlander Sport

If you saw the new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport that drove across the stage at the Geneva Motor Show, you might have wondered if there were going to be changed when this SUV came across the ocean to be offered in the US. Thankfully, this SUV has the same look and attractive qualities that we saw at this show in the North American version which was shown to us at the Mitsubishi research and development center in Ann Arbor, MI. The big face that we admired in Geneva has come with this SUV to give us a great look when we drive.

No More Manual Models for Mitsubishi

One of the last holdouts when it comes to the manual transmission that you can find in several of the SUVs on the market has been the Outlander Sport. With this new update, we won’t see this feature added any longer. It makes sense that Mitsubishi is taking the manual away. This transmission was only offered in the base model previously and was only part of two percent of the models that were sold in total, making it an unnecessary item for this SUV.

Familiar Power for the 2020 Version

The 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport will use the same powertrains as the 2019 model. This means you’ll have a choice between a 2.0-liter engine that makes 148 horsepower and a 2.4-liter engine that produces 168 horsepower for the drive. Both of these engines are attached to a CVT automatic transmission to give us the powertrain performance desired. We will also see AWD as an option that we can choose when we want to have the Outlander Sport that’s made to handle the weather that we run into on occasion. Choose the right powertrain and enjoy the drive.

The Big Changes to the Outlander Sport

The style you’ll find for the Outlander Sport is a huge part of the changes you’ll find in this SUV. When you look this SUV in the face, you’ll see a look that resembles a truck to give you a rugged appearance that you’re going to love. The front grill features a bit of a shield which is a large bar going across the face to make you confident in using this SUV to push things out of the way when you drive. The rear of the Outlander Sport remains subdued but useful and attractive.

Look for this New SUV Soon

If you’re looking for a fantastic compact SUV that can be the right one for you to have the drive you need, the new 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport can be the right one for you to drive. This model will be offered at dealerships in the near future and make it possible for you to have a vehicle that looks great, drives right, and offers you an affordable price that you can enjoy on the road. You’re going to be glad to have this new model of the Outlander Sport when you’re ready for an excellent drive.

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