Toyota is Working to Catch Up with Other Automakers

We’ve admired and been frustrated by Toyota in the same way because they tend to be one of the last to the party when it comes to new items.

That’s not always a bad thing, especially when you consider the success and longevity of Toyota and it’s reputation for being the most reliable brand in the market. When it comes to technology, we want automakers to be first to the market with these items, but Toyota has kept with its tradition of being close to last with some things by holding off on giving us the connectivity we’ve been looking for.

Connect Your Toyota

Finally, the Toyota team has begun to add Apple CarPlay to the mix of the vehicles that we see. The first model with this feature integrated into the infotainment system is the 2019 Avalon. We will also see this feature offered on most of the 2020 models that will be offered as they begin to be ready for sale. This does allow the Toyota brand to catch up with the rest of the market and begin to allow us to what we want, but what happens when you have a vehicle that’s part of a previous model year.

Working Backward with the Camry and Sienna

Toyota recently announced an upgrade that will be added to the mix for the 2018 models of the Camry and Sienna models. Customers that have these vehicles will be able to have their infotainment systems retrofitted with Apple CarPlay and Alexa capabilities to offer you the connectivity you’re looking for when it’s time for a drive on the road. Every owner of these vehicles will receive a notification that these new features are available and will make sure you know that you can have your vehicle upgraded with these systems when you bring it in and see your nearby Toyota dealership.

What AboutAndroid Users?

Toyota has been even slower to adopt Android technology than the Apple tech. We will see Android Auto added to some of the 2020 models from the Toyota brand, but there hasn’t been any announcement of adding a retrofit version of this technology to the mix to give previous model owners what they want and need when it’s time to connect for a drive. We don’t know what the price of these upgrades will be just yet, but you can learn about how much it will cost and what you need to do when you see your nearby Toyota dealership.

Will This Protect the Reputation?

The Toyota brand waited to add Apple CarPlay, Alexa, and Android Auto until a level of testing had been completed to know that these systems are safe and will help you have the reliable connection you want when you drive. Because of the level of testing that was completed, we can feel confident driving a new and impressive Toyota vehicle on the road. When you see your nearby Toyota dealership, you won’t be left out of the connectivity mix any longer, and you can enjoy the peace of mind offered by this reliable brand.

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